Oklahoma Hybrid Masters in Supply Chain Management Programs & Degrees

The greatest challenge that many in your position may face when it comes to earning a hybrid masters in supply chain management is finding the time to fit college or university coursework into their schedules. If you have already begun a career in the business world, the benefit of simply dedicating yourself to your studies full-time may not be an option for you. After all, you don’t want to set yourself back be casting aside the tenure and experience that you already have. Fortunately, you do have options when it comes to the graduate degree programs:

Flexible Supply Chain Management Masters Degree Programs

  • On-campus programs: The traditional course of study for an advanced degree consists of regular in-class instruction orchestrated by a professor. This allows you immediate access to instructors, counselors, and even career placement services. However, with an on-campus course, you may be forced to adjust you schedule to accommodate your classes, rather than the other way around.
  • Online programs: Working professional wanting to pursue an advanced degree may see an online program as the best way to do so. Such a course is typically self-paced, with instructors delivering lectures via email or video conferencing. The main advantage to this type of program is that you’re able to study before or after work. Plus, if you prefer a more laid-back learning style, this may be better suited to your aptitudes. However, staying current on the course curriculum is entirely your responsibility. The lack of a classroom environment may not lend itself to effective communication between you and your instructors or classmates.
  • Hybrid programs: Hybrid degree programs combine the best benefits of on-campus and online learning. Much of the curriculum is made available online, while time is still reserved for classroom instruction. This allows you to work at your own pace while still enjoying the benefit of individual
  • attention when you need it.

    A Closer Look at the Coursework in a Hybrid Masters in Supply Chain Management Degree Program

    The coursework for your hybrid masters in supply chain management program may be very similar to that you’d find with other masters of supply chain management program formats. Depending upon the course that your undergraduate studies followed, you may require additional instruction to better prepare you for the curriculum you’ll see in your supply chain management master’s degree course. If your undergraduate emphasis was not on business management, not to worry; your program advisor may be able to suggest leveling courses for you to take.

    You initial coursework may likely be dedicated to fully understanding logistics. Many feel as though the terms “logistics” and “supply chain management” are synonymous, when in fact they’re not. Supply chain management deals with the entire product procurement process, from developing solutions, to producing them, to making them available to consumers. Logistics are the individual efforts that support this work. Thus, you need an understanding of these ground level processes before progressing on to dealing with the supply chain as a whole.

    Potential Concentration Options in a Hybrid Masters in Supply Chain Management Program

    The classes in the latter stage of your degree program will begin to deal with more concentrated supply chain issues. These can include:

    • Global logistics
    • Data review and analytics
    • Purchasing, supply sourcing, and transportation strategies

    You may also be invited to participate in research opportunities to help you gain valuable insight into industry issues while completing your degree.

    With you advancement through your hybrid supply chain management master’s degree program may come the opportunity to concentrate and customize your curriculum towards a specific area. This could help to position you as an expert in that particular field, which could invaluable when pursuing potential career opportunities. Areas of concentration may include business administration, product placement strategies, and advanced outsourcing techniques.

    As advances in technology are introduced to help make the processes involved in the supply chain more efficient, the demand for professionals to act as stewards of those technologies may also increase. This may allow you on mare area towards which you can focus your graduate studies. There already exist an abundance of software applications that you may be able to focus on, such as:

    • IBM ILOG Inventory
    • Oracle Inventory
    • Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
    • SAP APO and SCM
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX and Visio
    • Infor Lawson Supply Chain Management[i]

    Is Earning a Hybrid Masters Degree in Supply Chain Management Right For You?

    Returning to school by pursuing programs that offer hybrid masters in supply chain management program may not be as difficult of a challenge as you may think. The option of viewing curriculum online may allow you to better work your studies into your schedule. The tools and techniques needed to enhance your career could easily be yours; you simply need to find the right program to provide them to you.

    Sources: [i] onetonline.org/link/summary/11-9199.04

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