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Masters in Nursing Informatics on Campus Programs | Masters Degree in Nursing Informatics Overview

A Masters in Nursing Informatics on Campus​ program involves learning how to integrate healthcare with information science and computer technology in order to generate positive outcomes in patient care and for use in medical facilities. As an academic choice, you will learn about integrating data, information and knowledge to support patients, research, education, possibly find cost-cutting strategies in a hospital budget, or help other nurses understand the newest digital learning tools. 

How to Find a Masters in Nursing Informatics Program or Nursing Informatics School

Nursing Informatics Masters Program InformationIf you are interested in an on-campus program, location might be a factor in your selection process. Try the search tabs on to generate listings in the city, state or even country that you might like to study in. For instance, some of these might include: MS in Nursing- Nurse Informatics or MS in Health Care Informatics.

Campus study may be rewarding if you enjoy face-to-face interactions with professors and classmates, or want to take advantage of school facilities such as laboratories, libraries and social services. Some programs, in response to the trend of busy working professionals who are returning to school to advance their credentials, may have evening or weekend classes.

The best thing to do is request information from each school to compare their curriculum, faculty, and admission requirements, among other factors. Usually, to enroll in a Masters in Nursing Informatics program, a Bachelor’s degree in nursing is required or related field for master's degree. The program may involve internships and clinical rotations, and on average, it takes around 2 years to complete a master’s degree in this field.

What is the Definition of Nursing


According to the American Nurses Association, nursing informatics is defined as “a specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science, and information science to manage and communicate data, information, and knowledge in nursing practice.”[i] Graduates who hold a Masters Degree in Nurse Informatics are called nurse informatics professionals; they develop and implement technologies and other tools in order to disseminate medical information and make healthcare function effectively.

Potential Coursework For Masters in Nursing Informatics on Campus Degree Programs

As technology is changing rapidly, a Masters in Nursing Informatics program may prepare students by teaching them about the latest advances in technology and information systems as it pertains to healthcare, or nursing in particular. Some programs may also draw on management tools and leadership skills. Potential coursework might include topics such as:

  • How to manage information systems
  • Identify technical requirements
  • Determine the effectiveness of information systems
  • Organizational techniques
  • Systems design
  • Healthcare ethics and laws
  • Information system analysis
  • Database design
  • Information security techniques and tools
  • Integration of nursing information systems

What Qualities Does an Informatics Nurse Specialist Possess?

An Informatics Nurse Specialist combines knowledge of computers and medical software with good personal service principles. He or she understands curriculum and training design, and has good communication skills that might be used to teach others. In addition, this occupation requires logical and critical thinking, as well as active learning, especially since they might need to implement new technology, replace obsolete methods or make modifications.

What Types of Jobs are available to Masters in Nurse Informatics Graduates?

There are a variety of jobs that students holding a masters degree in nurse informatics might wish to pursue.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not actually categorize Nursing Informatics as a separate field, so there is no exact reference. However, they do equate this field with that of Computer Systems Analysts. This occupation is projected to have a 21% increase in employment between 2014 and 2024, and a median annual pay in 2014 of $82,710.[ii]

Ready to Pursue a Masters in Nursing Informatics on Campus Degree?

Those who have a passion for nursing and healthcare combined with an appreciation of technology may find that earning a Masters in Nursing Informatics may prepare them to be leaders in a field that is growing as the digital age advances. Why not start a search for a program on today!

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