Nursing Graduate School Resources

nursing graduate resources

Read these articles for advice and insight on the various nursing graduate programs and career paths within this diverse industry from current students, faculty and professionals.

Earning Your Graduate Nursing Degree Online

Let’s say you’re dreaming of becoming a nurse, but you live in the middle of nowhere, and the closest program is an hour away. Or you’ve got Florence Nightengale aspirations…but your current job or your three kids make it close to impossible for you to attend class. Well, guess what – you can earn your nursing degree online! Read More >>

NP vs DNP: What's the Difference and Which Degree Should You Pursue?

Learn about the differences between NPs and DNPs. Then read up on educational requirements, curriculum and more to determine with NP degree is perfect for you. Read More >>

How Much Do Nurse Practitioners Make?

Do you wonder what an average Nurse Practitioner Salary is? Find out how much family nurse practitioners make in diverse states, cities & nursing specialty.  Read More >>

Real Insights into Master's in Nursing Education Programs

Read our interview with Nurse Educators to learn the ins and outs of Nurse Education Graduate Programs and if they might be a great match for you. Read More >>

MSN Curriculum

What might a nursing program be like? Read up on common courses, specialities and requirements here. Read More >>

Real World Advice for Future Nurses

The truth about nursing. Read up on what your future career might be like after earning a graduate nursing degree.  Read More >>

Online Nursing Education

Online nursing education programs offer nurses a convenient way to pursue the role of nurse educator. Read More >>

Tips for Becoming a Successful Nurse Practitioner (NP)

Learn about surviving your clinical rotation as a Nurse Practitioner, get advice for best nurse practitioner program experience, and find tips for choosing a specialty. Read More >>

What You Need to Know About the Nursing Faculty Shortage

If you're interested in pursuing graduate programs in nurse education, then it helps to know the latest on the nursing faculty shortage, which is expected to worsen in the years ahead. While you may encounter challenges in your pursuit of an advanced degree, you should know that you have the power to make a difference. Read More >>

Financial Aid Resource Center

Information regarding financial aid programs, resource providers, particulars on graduate school student loans, assistantships, fellowships & scholarships. Read tips on graduate school consolidation & repayment financial planning. Read More >>

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