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Online Masters in Nursing Administration Degrees | Nursing Administration Masters Programs Overview

For registered nurses who have a propensity for management and leadership, earning an online Masters in Nursing Administration degree might be a valuable steep in potentially advancing a career and earning potential. A very fast growing field Nursing Administrators work in a variety of settings, from hospitals, to medical offices, nursing and residential facilities and government.

masters nursing administration online degree info.With the developments in educational technology, more schools are offering Online Nursing Administration Masters programs to address the needs of working RNs who want to earn a masters’ degree but cannot leave their current jobs, or live too far to commute to a campus. Typically, web-based learning involves logging into a course management system for your classes when you have the time. Digital tools are used to keep connected to faculty and classmates, as well as for online research.

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You might find online programs such as Master of Science in Nursing-Clinical Nurse Leader, Master of Science in Nursing – Executive Nurse Leader, Master of Science in Nursing- Health Care Systems Management, and Master of Science in Nursing – Nurse Administrator. Once you have a list, you are able to request more info from the schools to compare them.

FUN FACT: Many employers require prospective medical and health services managers to have some work experience in either an administrative or a clinical role in a hospital or other healthcare facility. For example, nursing home administrators usually have years of experience working as a registered nurse.

Is an Online Masters in Nursing Administration Right For Me?

Technological advances aside you might want to

consider weighing the potential advantages or potential challenges of distance-learning before you jump in. Here are a few points to bear in mind about online masters in nursing administration programs.

  • Logging In: Online study requires a working and reliable computer and Internet access, so if this aspect is not in place, you may find the process frustrating
  • Independence: Typically, even though there is contact, your virtual classroom will differ in that you will need to be able to work and think independently.
  • Convenience: Generally you have full time access to your courses, and submit papers electronically rather than having to be at a class at a designated hour. Make sure to check this with the school, as program formats vary
  • Quality: With the popularity of online study, many accredited schools make their programs accessible online.
  • Coursework:  The coursework in online nursing administration masters programs may be the same and equally as rigorous as for on-campus programs, and still may require students to complete a combination of coursework, practicum, and research. This practicum may be built into a currently held job. Students in online nursing administration programs may explore topics that include:
  • Statistics for health professions
  • Research in nursing
  • Nursing issues and trends
  • Budgeting and finances for health professionals
  • Nursing informatics
  • Nursing administration, leadership, and management
  • Nursing administration (theory and practicum)
  • Operations planning and control
  • Leadership
  • Health care technology
  • Health care advocacy

In addition, many online programs in nursing administration require students to develop their business knowledge and skills through elective work in subjects such as budgeting and finance, medical business, public health, and/or public administration. Such courses often help nurses specialize in or emphasize a particular area of nursing administration, executive leadership, and/or management.

  • Challenge: Online education is not congruent with easier education!
  • Practicum: Students in online programs typically work closely with a professor to develop and enact a plan to work with an on-the-job supervisor in the field. This allows students to gain practical experience without having to leave their current location. Make sure to check whether there are facilities in your area sufficient to fulfill program and personal requirements of a practicum.
  • Leadership: Make sure to check what types of leadership in nursing administration the program you are looking into will prepare you for. In some cases you might be able to do an MBA/MSN in Nurse Leadership that may be different from a Nurse Manager program. Make sure to match your career goals with the program you choose.
  • Laboratories: Before you commit to an online program, verify whether there are appropriate and necessary training facilities and labs in your area that you will have access to, if this is needed

Ready To Pursue An Online Masters In Nursing Administration?

Ultimately, earning a master’s in nurse administration online may afford students an opportunity to smoothly incorporate graduate-level education into their already busy and structured lives. Why not review your options on today!

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