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clinical rotation advice for nurse practitioner graduate studentsClinical Rotation Advice for Nurse Practitioner Graduate Students | Healing the Pain as a Nurse Practitioner

Enjoy our interview with Angela Peters, as she discusses how students can get the most out of their NP education program and prepare for their future career.Becoming a helping and healing force in the lives of others was an important goal for Angela Peters. She took that ambition and enrolled in college to become a nurse. Her educational path eventually led her to becoming an adult nurse practitioner and today, she is a pain management nurse practitioner at the Cancer Treatment Centers of American in Illinois...Read more.

Nurse Practitioner Career Profile - Nancy BrookNurse Practitioner: Nancy Brook Educates, Heals, and Inspires

It’s hard to put a label on Nancy Brook. Her experience is as impressive as it is varied—including work as a surgical oncology nurse practitioner, life coach, counselor, hospice nurse, adjunct professor at Stanford Hospital and Clinics—and a former Disney Cast Member. It’s clear that Nancy wears many hats....Read more.

Clinical Rotation Advice for Nurse PractitionersClinical Rotation Advice for Nurse Practitioners

Kathleen McCue is a Nurse Practitioner who specializes in lactation and works in a primary care pediatric office and is the owner of Metropolitan Breastfeeding. Kathleen McCue’s wakeup call came when she was an LPN and a physician told her that she was “wasting her time in nursing” because she was better than 90% of the physicians he worked with....Read more.

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