United States Online Masters in Neuroscience Graduate Programs

Online Masters in Neuroscience degree programs may suit busy working students who need a convenient learning format in order to balance study with other commitments. Neuroscience is a subfield of biology that studies the structure and function of the nervous system.  The overall objective of an online Neuroscience Master’s Degree program is to provide students with laboratory research experience and academic training. It is presumed that students have completed an undergraduate major in neuroscience or a closely related scientific area.

Online Neuroscience Masters Program Information

Students may subsequently wish to continue to a PhD or other post-graduate training or may choose to enter the workplace and seek professional employment.  There are both thesis and non-thesis Masters of Neuroscience options; students who prefer to enter the workforce upon graduation may take a non-thesis master's program.

Is an Online Neuroscience Masters Degree Right For You?

One of the potential benefits to distance-learning is that you can study from wherever you have a computer and Internet. This means that even Neuroscience Masters programs held at a University that is beyond commuting distance may be available to you via web based technology. Typically students log into a course management systems to access their classes, conduct research via online libraries, and connect with faculty using email, web chat and other methods. Coursework is submitted through the online portal, so you may not have to actually visit the campus.

Since there may be an intensive laboratory component in your master’s program, this may mean making arrangements at other facilities or ascertaining whether there is any onsite requirements from the school you are considering. This will help you weigh your options. Browse listings for Online Neuroscience master’ s degrees such as MS in Neuroengineering or MS Transpersonal

Psychology. Use the request information tab to gather important details about each graduate school.

Potential Coursework and Neuroscience Concentrations

Academically, neuroscience draws from a spectrum of other fields that includes biology, chemistry, physics, linguistics, math, computer science and philosophy. Depending on career aspirations, a student might specialize in an area of interest. For instance:

  • Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Developmental Neuroscience
  • Neuropsychiatric disorders
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Synaptic transmission
  • Neuroimaging

Potential Career Paths For Masters in Neuroscience Graduates

Graduates who are pursuing an online masters degree in Neuroscience as a stepping-stone to a PhD may move onto careers as Neuroscientists, Neurologists, Neuropsychiatrists, Neurology Professors or other positions where a doctorate is considered entry-level qualification.

Some of the potential opportunities for graduates entering the workforce might include:

  • Neurology Technician
  • Neurogenetics Counselors
  • Neurosonographers

These types of careers often require a candidate who has excellent hand-eye coordination, is detail oriented, and has both excellent technical and interpersonal skills.

Ready to Pursue an Online Masters in Neuroscience Degree?

Master's programs in neuroscience may provide training for those interested in entering the workplace after graduation, continuing to a Ph.D. research program or for physicians who are seeking to expand their expertise about the nervous system. If what is standing between you and a degree is that commuting is impossible, why not review online options on GradSchools.com today!

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