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Online Masters in Ministry degrees and programs General Information

If you are hoping to take a leadership role within the Christian Ministry, an Online Masters in Ministry Degree might deepen your theological understanding and biblical knowledge, as well as nurture your ability to lead in ministry. Taking on a leadership role in the Christian Ministry, and working as a member of the clergy, can be a fulfilling commitment. You can potentially be the one conducting religious worship and performing other functions such as providing moral guidance and assistance to members of your church or organization.

Online Masters in Ministry Degree Program Information

What types of Online Masters in Ministry Degrees are there? has different listings for online ministry degrees at the master degree level. Some programs are geared for the student interested in ongoing theological studies that could lead to a Doctor of Ministry, and to work as members of the ordained ministry or other forms of religious leadership.

Other programs, such as an online master of arts in Ministry could prepare students, who may be current pastors, for more effective leadership in their local church by offering a deepened knowledge of the bible as well as personal and professional development skills. Other programs might prepare students to explore a leadership role with a specific population, such as online masters in youth ministry degree, or be oriented towards Christian counseling

What Can I learn in an Online Master of Ministry Degree program?

The exact format and coursework usually depends on the school, as well as your area of specialization, and whether you are using the only ministry degree to prepare you for the doctor of ministry. Coursework for students enrolled in online masters in ministry programs might include topics such as:

  • Pastoral care
  • Ministerial leadership
  • Spiritual direction
  • Advanced Biblical studies
  • Practical theology
  • Church history
  • Theology
  • Mission and Evangelism
  • Christian counseling

What are the potential advantages to Online Ministry Degrees? 

If you are currently a working professional in the Christian ministry, or your time is divided between academics and other factors, online ministry degrees can be a convenient way to earn a master degree. Since you do not have to commute to class, you can log in from a distance and this flexibility makes it appealing, especially if you cannot commute to class. Plus, the latest digital tools keep students connected to other classmates and professors via group forums and projects, so you do not feel isolated.

Potential Career Options for Masters of Ministry Graduates

One of the potential career options for masters of ministry graduates is to find a job as a member of the clergy, or an ordained minister. Clergy are employed not only in religious organizations, but also in hospitals, home health care services, nursing care facilities, and for the state government[i]. According to BLS data, this occupation has a 10% projected growth rate from 2012-2022.[ii] If you have specialized in a masters program that emphasized young adult and youth ministry, there may be other places of employment that could also be a potential avenue.

Ready to pursue an online Ministry degree?

Enrolling in an online ministry degree means continuing your theological education, personal growth, and leadership training to potentially lead to a fulfilling career in the Christian ministry. Why not begin reviewing your options for masters in ministry degrees on and find the one that meets your academic and professional goals!

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