Physician Assistant Salary Information by Specialty

Physician Assistant Salary Information by Specialty such as Mental Health Counselor Salary

​Interested in Physician Assistant Salary info? According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median physician assistant salary is $86,410 per year. Physician assistant jobs are expanding by 30 percent per year which is much faster than average for all careers. The BLS expects that 24,700 physician assistant jobs will be added between 2010 and 2020, primarily because more and more physicians are specializing in an area of medicine, increasing the need for physician assistants.

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Physician assistants can choose from a number of specialties within the medical field, and their chosen specialty will dictate the type of environment they work in. The average physician assistant salary varies by specialty. According to the 2012 National Salary Report the highest paying specialties for PAs were in Radiology Practice. Of the participants surveyed, the PA salary in this field earned an average salary of $150,000, nearly 74% more than the national average. Other high paying specialties included: Mental Health, Pediatric Practice, Emergency Room Services, Surgical, and Urgent Care Services.

Physician Assistant Salary Information – By Specialty

The table below provides PA salary information for other common specialties:

Radiology Practice$150,000
Mental Health$150,000
Pediatric Practice$117,060
Emergency Department$116,366
Emergency Department$116,366
Surgery Setting$110,479
Urgent Care/Walk-In-Clinic$104,237
Hospital Unit (other than surgery)$101,769
Nursing Home/Assisted Living$101,000
Internal Medicine$98,555
Worksite Clinic$98,400
Aesthetics/Dermatology Practice$98,071
Veterans Health$97,218
Rural Clinic$97,116
Cardiology Practice$95,129
Family Practice$93,773
Convenient Care$91,667
Urology Clinic$91,200
Correctional Facility$90,500
Oncology Practice$90,000
Diabetes/Endocrinology Practice$89,253
Women’s Health$87,618
Community Health Clinic$87,027
Hospitalist Group$84,299

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