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Physician Assistant Graduate Student AdviceAdvice for Surviving Your Physician Assistant Gradute Program

Physician Assistant Graduate Programs provide a thorough foundation in health care delivery, focusing on evidence-based medical education. Graduates are qualified to serve in a wide variety of settings, from hospitals to private practices, and the inner-city to under-served rural areas. The master’s level curriculum at physician assistant schools generally lasts two to three years and blends academic training with hands-on clinical experience at teaching hospitals. Whitney Kastelic Herter is currently pursuing her master’s degree in physician assistant studies at Duke University. Here, she shares her experience obtaining this degree, and offers advice for prospective students....Read more.

Physician Assistant vs. Physician Assoicate

Should physician assistants change their professiona title to Physician Associates?  The battle wages on in the PA community.  Which side do you fall on? ...Read more.

Physician Assistant School Curriculum

Physician Assistant graduate schools usually require students to complete about two years of full-time study. Graduate work is typically completed in two phases: the didactic phase (year one) and the ...Read more.

Physician Assistant CareerWhat Does a Physician Assistant Do?

Are you interested in becoming a physician assistant? Most PA schools typically have a two year program. Learn more about getting a physician assistant degree. View the infographic to....Read more.

Why I Became a Physician Assistant

Since I was a little girl, I have always been interested in the helping professions. ...Read more.

physician assistant cousesPhysician Assistant Courses

Having a semester and a half under my belt as a graduate student in a physician assistant program, I’ve looked back to see what other classes I could have taken as an undergraduate that would have benefited...Read more.

8 Steps to Success

If you have just discovered that as a physician assistant you may be able to do meaningful work, help others, and have fun, all while earning a decent salary, then congratulations...Read more.

FAQ Physician AssistantPhysician Assistant FAQ

Have questions about becoming a physician assistant? View this comprehensive FAQ guide. Many different topics are addressed from applying to physician assistant programs to prerequisites, requirements, finding jobs and more...Read more.

Neurosurgical Physician AssistantA Week of a Neurosurgical PA

A day in the life in a Physician Assistant job can vary greatly depending on if you work in inpatient, outpatient, or primarily in the OR. My job is unique because I work with both neurosurgery and neurosciences...Read more.

Physician Assistant schoolConsidering PA school?

10 Things to Think About When you are Considering PA School...Read more.



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