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Online Masters in Statistics Degree Career OptionsYou love math and science, are driven by data and analysis. You rise to the challenge and mastery of learning and ...

performing complex calculations. You enjoy collecting, organizing, analyzing and interpreting information. You dream of creating a survey that will predict important outcomes. If you are presently nodding in agreement, then pursuing an online Masters in Statistics Degree might be a great academic fit for you.

In this increasingly digital age, statistics and information gathering can be used to influence major decisions in a variety of sectors. Think broad spectrum, such as politics, pharmaceuticals, advertising, medicine, marketing, finance, education and business.

Skill-sets: you could acquire by earning an online Statistics Masters Degree may be valuable as you pursue a career. You might learn to tell stories based on the data, and in doing so, become a voice for interpreting information and taking action. Some of the important qualities of a Market Research Analyst include[i]:

Tip: Check through the different Masters programs on to see if you are drawn to certain concentrations within the field. For instance, you can find Masters Degree programs that focus on data analytics, cyber systems, computational science, statistics, or mathematics.

KEY POINTS TO CONSIDER about a pursuing a statistics Masters degree:

Why study for your Masters in Statistics & Data Analysis Online?

One reason might be flexibility. This is a convenient format, which might help you balance work, study, and family. Think of having no commute time! You love data, so likely have a computer and Internet access. This means you might conveniently schedule study around your timetable. Also, the latest digital tools mean that you are not isolated from your fellow students and professors despite studying off-site. There are often group projects, opportunities to enter group forums, and chances to connect with classmates and professors via email.  Online Statistics & Analytics Master Degree programs are often taught be the same faculty as on-site courses, and often, with the same coursework.

Master in Statistics & Data Analysis Curriculum

It is wise to keep in mind that each program and school may interpret the Degree differently, although there may be similarities in terms of subject matter. The curriculum may involve a combination of seminar courses on advances statistics topics as well as independent courses. Some of the topics that could be included in your curriculum are:

Potential Career Paths For Graduates With Masters In Statistics & Data Analytics Degrees

Some of the potential career possibilities for Graduates with a Masters Degree in Statistics & Data Analytics include such careers as:

Ready to search for Online Masters in Statistics Degree Programs?

Are you excited to learn how new sources of data can be analyzed to enhance organizational effectiveness, customer service, investments and business strategies? Are you looking for a Master’s Program that might help enhance your ability to develop the strategic, project-management and communication skills that power many industries? If so, an online Masters in Statistics & Data Analytics could be a great fit to help you pursue your vocational and academic goals. Start looking into options on soon!

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