Online Masters in Mathematics and Statistics Degree Programs

For the graduate student interested in convenience, an Online Masters in Mathematics and Statistics Degree Program warrants consideration. Choose from a variety of topics within the field such as actuarial science, financial engineering, mathematics, statistics and data analysis. If you are a current working professional, a graduate degree in math statistics may help take your career to a new level; a master’s degree in mathematics is required by employers of mathematicians in the private sector[i] and for many statisticians.[ii]

Online Masters in Mathematics and Statistics Degree: Program Basics

If you aim to complete an Online Masters in Mathematics and Statistics degree full time, it can take 2 years of study. Programs may be offered with or without a thesis option; if you aspire to an academic or research role, you may opt for the latter and also opt to continue to a Ph.D. if this is warranted.

FACT: 38 % of Mathematicians hold a master’s degree and 33% a doctoral degree. (O’Net)[iii]

Potential Features of Online Masters Programs in Math & Statistics

You may find that some graduate schools have both campus and online programs with parallel curriculums, though this is not always the case, and online formats may vary between universities. It is common though, that ‘online’ means you do not have to physically show up for classes; course lectures are delivered via web portal, which is the same place you submit your assignments. Often, lectures are completely pre-recorded so you just have to listen or watch and follow along, although there may be an interactive component.

While you may not be in real-time with classmates and professors, there are ways to stay connected; participation in online discussion boards, emails, text and web chatting are some alternatives to in-person contact. Your program certainly may have some onsite

requirements; if this is the case, it may be to your benefit (meetings, demonstrations, computer labs). However, you should also check whether you are required to fulfill any other requirements that would necessitate a trip to campus.

Types of Online Math and Statistics Masters Programs

Online Masters in Mathematics and Statistics Programs are offered in different subjects, so the student who wants to concentrate their studies around a specific topic can do so. In essence, this is like choosing what you want to apply mathematical methods to (e.g. business, health, engineering). Choose to earn an online master’s degree in

  • Actuarial Science
  • Financial Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics & Data Analysis

Online Actuarial Science Masters Programs

Online Actuarial Science master’s programs focus on the application of mathematical and statistical methods (e.g. probability theory, statistics, computer science) to assess risk in insurance, finance and other industries and professions.[iv]

Online Financial Engineering Masters Programs

Online Financial Engineering master’s programs are typically multidisciplinary, drawing on applied mathematics, computer science, statistics and economic theory; financial mathematics and computational finance are both subfields.[v]

Online Mathematics Masters Programs

Online Mathematics master’s programs may study advanced concepts in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and analysis; applied mathematics, mathematical logic, and theoretical computer science are also possible topics or areas of concentration.[vi]

Online Statistics & Data Analysis Masters Programs

Online Statistics and Data Analysis Masters programs are concerned with collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and organizing data; or as a branch of mathematics – mathematical statistics is the application of math to statistics.[vii]

How to Find the ‘right’ program? makes it easy to search and find the Online Mathematics and Statistics Program to align with your ambitions. After choosing your subject, click through to view sponsored listings of online degrees in your chosen subject; from there use the tabs to send info requests to the graduate schools.

Your search may yield results such as Online Master of Science in Analytics, Online Master of Science in Mathematics and Online Master of Applied Statistics (MAS).   

Take the Next Step

As a working professional or autonomous adult with a busy life outside graduate school, your time is valuable. Why not trade in the commute time for the convenience of making your own study schedule? Log into your courses when you are able and study from any place you have reliable Internet. If all that is preventing you from earning a graduate math degree is time, an online program may make advanced education a reality!

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