Iowa Math Science and Engineering Hybrid Masters Programs

Hybrid Math Science and Engineering Masters programs provide and alternative learning format for students interested in science based graduate degrees. Whether it is a Master’s degree in Engineering, a Master’s in Mathematics, or a Master’s in Analytics, many universities are accommodating the needs of working students through blended online, or hybrid, master’s degree programs. Reports by the Bureau of Labor Statistics point to several occupations where STEM professionals with a master’s degree earned a premium over workers with a bachelor’s degree[i]; one of several reasons to consider a math, science, or engineering master’s program as your next step.

Hybrid Math Science and Engineering Masters Programs: Basics

Hybrid Math Science and Engineering Masters programs typically combine the convenience of online courses with the interactive component of campus courses. While program lengths and course requirements vary by school, working towards your master of science in math, statistics, the sciences or engineering fields could take one to two years of full time study which may equal 30 credits. Students apply into STEM master’s degree programs from a wide variety of undergraduate backgrounds, but commonly must hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Often a thesis is involved in addition to coursework.

DID YOU KNOW? Mathematicians, Statisticians, and workers in other math-related occupations had a 33% higher wage with a master’s degree that did those with a Bachelor’s degree.[ii]

Hybrid Math Science and Engineering Masters Programs: Unique Features

Hybrid Math, Science and Engineering Masters programs could be seen as offering the best of two very useful modalities: human interaction and technical learning. While science, mathematics, engineering and technology fields require a strong technical

foundation, prospective workers also need strong communication skills in order to collaborate, speak publicly and write well.[iii]

Here are a few unique features you might find in a blended online program, keeping in mind there is no ‘one’ formula, it can vary depending on your graduate school and your program type:

  • Could combine weeknight online learning with alternate weekend classroom learning
  • Usually delivers courses through an online course management system which you can access 24/7
  • Could involve periodic intensives at your main campus
  • Might offer access to both the onsite and online resources (student services, tutoring, career counseling, digital and campus libraries)
  • Might be a great way to grow your personal and professional networks
  • On-Campus courses offer the opportunity to get face-to-face time with professors
  • The number of ‘on-ground’ courses varies
  • Face-to-face meetings allow for demonstrations and presentation of techniques and methods
  • You do not have to relocate, although there may be some travel requirements if you are coming from somewhere else
  • Offers flexibility to working professionals

FACT: 42,400 Masters Degrees in Engineering were awarded in 2013-14[iv]

Types of Hybrid Math, Science & Engineering Masters Programs

Find Hybrid masters programs with the help of our subject selection. Some programs may not be available in a partially online format, but many are and worth a look; search for:


You can still look for accreditation for hybrid programs the same way you would for fully residential or fully online programs. Institutions themselves can be regionally accredited, and you can look for ABET-accreditation for master’s programs in applied science, computing, engineering and engineering technology.[v]

Continued Education

Hybrid Math Science and Engineering Masters Programs may be just the convenient stepping stone you need to work towards a doctorate degree at a later date. Graduates may seek Ph.D. in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering or other science based doctoral degrees.

Take The Next Step

Hybrid Math, Science and Engineering programs may be offered at a campus near you! Browse our extensive directory to find out where your next academic step is offered.  Some of the sponsored listings might include Master of Science in Engineering Management, Master of Science in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Master of Science in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Master of Science in Microelectronics Manufacturing Engineering ME. Use the ‘request info’ or ‘visit school site’ to get all the details you need to start your application process.

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