Sales Professions

Do you have the ability to "sell ice to an eskimo," then perhaps earning a graduate degree in sales is a good option for you. Salespeople may have the opportunity to pursue a number of exciting potential career paths in many areas of business.  Learn more about potential professional pathways for sales professionals.

Account Manager

An account manager might oversee the account services department or a division within the account services department of a company.  Account managers identify opportunities for advertising that might increase sales of a product/service. In an Ad agency, an account manager handles the accounts of all his/her clients. Strong selling skills and customer service accumen are important for this job.

Business Development

The ultimate goal of those working in business development is to gain new customers and break into new and existing markets. It is necessary to be fully aware of target markets, customers and competitors, and market trends when working in this field. Once a target market is recognized, those working in business development must put together sales pitches and a budget for their entry-plan.

Division Sales Executive

A division sales executive is responsible for the sale of the services or products in their division of a company. They are also responsible for scouting out new business opportunities and keeping a finger on market pulse. Strong selling skills are necessary for this job.

Field Sales

Someone who works in field sales takes most of their pitching and selling on the road, rather than doing it from within an office. This can be door-to-door sales, selling at fairs and conferences, or making appointments to pitch in peoples’ homes or offices.

Media and Advertising Sales

In media and advertising sales, the goal is to sell ad space in magazines, newspapers, online, on the radio, and on TV. Similarly to the Account Manager, a Media and Advertising Sales Assistant or Exec will sometimes handle specific accounts, i.e. all the advertising from a certain magazine or television station.

National Sales Management

This position is very similar to a Sales Executive, the only difference being, this person works across the country rather than in a specific area. For more information, see the Divisional Sales Executive description.

Sales Management

The ultimate goal of sales management is to get customers to buy your product/service. To do this, a sales strategy is necessary, as is advertising and a budget plan.

Sales Training

Sales training is the process of learning how to sell a product or service.

Senior Sales Executive

Though it varies across companies, in general, Senior Sales Executives have more years of experience and may be able to command a higher salary than Sales Executives or Divisional Sales Executives. For more information, please see the Division Sales Executive description.

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