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Masters in marketing online & advertising masters online programs offer working professionals and students living out of geographic proximity, the opportunity to expand their knowledge of target markets, market analysis, brand equity and consumer behavior. Whether you are interested in a general marketing program or going deeper into sales, fashion merchandising, advertising or public relations, online marketing master’s degree programs do not usually require attendance on campus, and many students continue to work full-time while earning their degree. Since some programs use asynchronous learning, even international students may be able to participate from locations around the globe.

Online Masters in Marketing & Advertising

Online Masters in Marketing & Advertising Programs

Online Masters in marketing & advertising programs typically require prospective applicants to have earned a Bachelor’s degree in marketing or business administration, although students may come from finance, accounting or management backgrounds as well. While program lengths, curriculums and required credits vary, it could take around 18 months to 2-years of full-time study, or around 33 credits. Some Online masters in marketing programs require applicants to show previous work experience while others may recruit candidates with experience in research.


21% of Market Research Analysts hold a Master’s degree[i]

Why Choose an Online Masters in Marketing & Advertising Program?

Choosing an online Master’s in marketing degree program may be the convenient alternative to attending class in person you need to maintain balance in your life while you accomplish your educational goals.

Here are a few potential features of online marketing master’s degree programs:

Accessibility: In some universities, professors record their lectures and upload them to a course management system so you don’t have to be in the classroom when the class in in session AND you can hit the pause or rewind buttons;

Distance: Distance learning might appeal to a wide audience – from local students who work fulltime, to out of state and foreign students who cannot relocate;

Networking: Some online programs have participation requirements via online group discussion boards to encourage students to network and not feel isolated;

Support: Universities with strong online programs usually have tech support in place, as well as online student support in the way of academic and career advising;

Faculty and Courses: You want to choose an online program for solid academics and teachers and some do mirror the residential programs despite the difference in learning delivery;

You have a ‘get ahead’ mentality: You want the opportunity to potentially earn a better wage in an existing occupation and a master’s degree might be useful[ii]

Flexibility: You need to be able to study when you can as opposed to fitting into a set schedule;

Research: Virtual libraries and online publications can help students stay at their desks and laptops instead of running to a campus library;

Accreditation: Choosing an online marketing master’s program doesn’t mean you can’t find accredited schools and programs. Just look for regionally accredited institutions. In terms of programmatic accreditation, you can look for AACSB, ACBSP, or IACBE accreditation; these are the three common specialized accreditors for marketing degree programs.

Types of Masters in Marketing & Advertising Online Programs

Online Masters in Marketing degree programs are diverse; some offer the approach of integrated marketing communications while others target specific aspects of marketing such as management or digital marketing. In other words, marketing is a broad field, with opportunities to be an advertising major, public relations major or a marketing analytics major among other options.  Search our site for both the general and detailed online marketing and advertising master’s degree programs:

  • Online Masters in Advertising & Public Relations programs
  • Online Masters in Fashion Merchandising programs
  • Online Masters in Marketing programs
  • Online Masters in Sales programs

What is an Integrated Marketing Communications Degree Program?

Online integrated marketing communications students usually take courses in a variety of disciplines within the larger spectrum of marketing, and often universities offer these degrees in both Master of Arts and Master of Science degree formats. This type of degree has its appeal; instead of teaching subjects independently, they are taught as part of an integrated whole. Course topics could include:

  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Direct marketing
  • Digital media
  • Consumer behavior
  • Marketing strategies
  • Branding
  • Word of mouth marketing
  • New media campaigns

Types of Online Masters in Marketing and Advertising Degrees: M.A. - M.S. - M.B.A.

Within online masters in marketing and advertising programs, there are different options for study. These are the (online) master of science or master of arts and the master of business administration.

Online MA & MS Marketing and Advertising Graduate Programs

Online MS in Marketing & Advertising programs often appeal to the student with an undergraduate marketing background. Master of Science programs tend to have a technical orientation and may present in depth insight into currently used marketing techniques, or offer an opportunity for students to build specific skills such as sales leadership or internet marketing.

Online MBA Marketing and Advertising Graduate Programs

Online MBA in Marketing & Advertising programs offer students an opportunity to refine business management and effective communication skills while also giving students the ability to apply marketing principles to real-world situations. The choice often comes down to whether you want your concentration area (advertising, public relations, sales, merchandising) to be the ‘star of the show’ or whether you want to develop yourself as a complete business professional with specialized marketing talents.  

After Graduation

Wondering what potential career paths you might follow after graduation? While earning an online master’s in marketing and advertising degree is no guarantee of employment, you might explore occupations such as:

  • Market research analyst[iii]
  • Business development specialist[iv]
  • Communications specialist[v]
  • Brand manager[vi]

Alternatively, you could graduate with a desire to continue your education in an online doctorate in marketing program.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for strong marketing strategists is on the rise; a 19% employment growth for market research analysts from 2014 to 2024 is projected[vii].Why not meet this positive trend with a graduate degree? Review our sponsored program listings such as online MBA –Marketing and Advertising Management; Online Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications; Online Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications; Online MS in Organizational Leadership & Entrepreneurship. You may see some similar sounding programs which is why we recommend you use the request info tab to contact the school. They will reply with details that can help you make your choice and stay on top of deadline for application.

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