Masters in Marketing Online & Advertising Masters Online

Through Online Masters in Marketing and Advertising Programs students might gain the skills to develop and execute modern digital and traditional media campaigns. A masters in advertising and marketing program builds upon basic principles in marketing theory and consumer behavior. Students often examine real-world case studies to understand strategic media planning, digital marketing, branding and visual identity, account management, and more.

Online Masters in Marketing and Advertising Programs: Overview

Schools with Online Masters in Marketing and Advertising Programs may confer Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees. Applicants may come from diverse academic backgrounds, some seasoned professionals who seek upward career mobility others, recent graduates with a bachelor degree in search of career development. written by Rana Waxman

How Long Might It Take to Earn an Online Masters Degree in Advertising & Marketing?

Credit requirements for these degrees might range somewhere between 36 and 48 though this does tend to vary. Some schools offer accelerated online masters degrees which could take a full-time student about one year to complete, while others may take closer to two years. Most programs are divided into core courses around which students might take electives or work towards an area of emphasis. Students may also conduct their own research and might need to complete a final project, thesis or portfolio.
DID YOU KNOW? Overall employment of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers is projected to grow 6% from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations, per the BLS.

Online MBA, MA, MS Marketing & Advertising Programs

Usually, online MBA marketing programs explore the field through the lens of management and operational strategy. MA and MS programs usually have core courses related to the discipline itself – though a MS degree could cover more in the way of technical business analytics and applied research. That stated, each type of online Masters in Marketing and Advertising program could have unique coursework and other requirements. The differences between marketing and advertising may show up in course lists. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Online Masters in Marketing & Advertising

Marketing vs Advertising – Is there a difference?

As the adage ‘it takes a village’ goes, marketing efforts span a number of processes. These include public relations, media planning, product pricing and distribution, sales strategy, customer support, market research and community engagement. Advertising is just one facet, or subset, of marketing. Because of the Internet and social media, some online Masters in Marketing and Advertising programs fuse technical and creative courses into what may be called by some universities – integrated marketing communications (IMC).

Online Masters in Advertising Programs

Participants in online advertising masters degree programs could learn about the creative side of promotions where multi-media meets persuasive communication. Some programs discuss public relations and applied communication strategy while others might focus on internet marketing. Students who work towards an online masters degree in advertising could learn how to craft, execute, transmit and assess commercial messages to promote (sell) products, services and brands. Some of the course topics related to an online advertising degree could include the following.
  • Advertising Theory
  • Advertising Design and Production
  • Campaign Development
  • Business and Media Management
Because so much of today’s ads are run online, advertising courses could also help graduates manage digital media campaigns that target customers through the use of websites, social media, video, live chats and other media channels.

Online Marketing Masters Programs

Online marketing masters programs generally prepare individuals to undertake and manage the process of developing target audiences to get products, services and ideas from producer to consumer. Students might take courses to understand buyer behavior and dynamics as well as the principles and tools of marketing research. Beyond that, students who work towards a masters in marketing online might take a wide range of other courses.
  • Demand/Profit
  • Pricing Theory
  • Marketing Campaign Planning
  • Market Segments
  • Sales Operations and Management
  • Consumer Relations

Online MBA in Marketing and Advertising

An online MBA in Marketing and Advertising is a professional degree in business management. It could provide students with the opportunity to develop an in-depth grasp of marketing research, international marketing, e-marketing, and customer relationship management skills—in addition to the core MBA skills. One of the hallmarks of online MBA marketing program is this central core coursework. In these required courses, MBA students could learn about interpersonal dynamics, conflict and resolution to understand more fully the dynamics of workplace behavior. Also, MBA programs aim to help students develop the diagnostic mindset of leaders and managers. Several primary topics examine the managerial and operational aspects of finance, accounting, marketing, economics and business ethics. Thus students could learn about the duties, skills and perspectives that are generally required by executives. How to collaborate with various department heads to make sure a marketing strategy is fiscally sound, for instance. Beyond functional business courses, students in MBA marketing online programs often study the complex issues faced in advertising today. Their aim is to learn how to problem solve and work with a creative staff. A course in consumer behavior could provide insight into targeted market research, while a course in marketing strategy might cover the use of social media.

Online MS in Marketing

An online Master of Science (MS) in Marketing is an academic degree which could help students develop solid skills as critical thinkers and leaders with analytical marketing skills. Most MS Marketing programs provide students with a holistic curriculum. One in which they could select an area of emphasis from marketing and advertising related topics. So, unlike an MBA, MS programs tend to be ‘all about’ marketing rather than general business. The ways this usually shows up is in the program core. Core MS Marketing courses are usually planned-out to provide students with a solid grasp of analysis, research and strategy. Participants may study the various techniques use to plan, implement and oversee a strategic marketing program for a product market entry. These might expand on various theories as well as how to apply promotion techniques and social media to run successful campaigns. With its emphasis on analysis, a MS in Marketing program might foster in students deeper predictive insights into how consumers and buyers make decisions. A course in marketing strategy could look at concepts such as market analysis, segmentation, targeting, and positioning, and the 4Ps (product, price, promotion, and place) through the lens of executive decisions.

Position Yourself with a Marketing Concentration

Students could also structure a Master of Science in Marketing online degree to line up with career pursuits through a concentration.

Online MS in Digital Marketing and Advertising

An online Master of Science in Digital Marketing and Advertising could filter basic principles and practices of advertising through a digital lens. A digital marketing masters degree program often covers copywriting, SEO, PPC, email, mobile marketing, analytics, content management, and social media. In other words, students could learn how to tap into technology (social media, mobile platforms, and big data analytics) to engage customers and boost business in the digital age. To this end, curricula often discusses marketing automation strategies and search engine optimization tactics to provide students with marketing tools. A final capstone project might allow students to demonstrate learned skills. offers 42 Online MS in Marketing Research Degree Programs

An online Master of Science in Marketing Research could help students gain the technical skills needed to collect and assess information through interviews, focus groups, market surveys and public opinion polls. Courses often draw heavily on statistical techniques and students could learn how to use industry software to manage data and forecast future trends. As a MS program, the course plan might include an in-depth marketing foundation in tandem with focused courses in marketing research and analytics. The marketing research and analytics concentration may cover market research, SEO, analytics and quantitative analysis.

Online MS in Sports Marketing and Media

An online Master of Science in Sports Marketing could help students understand how marketing and content creation are woven into the everyday operations of sports businesses. Classes might therefore include public relations courses as well as elaborate on the business aspects of marketing in sales and sport development.

Why Earn a Marketing or Advertising Masters Degree Online?

In some schools, the material covered in an online marketing or advertising masters program is the same as a traditional on-campus degree. However, because it is online, students who need to balance a busy life and career might find it more convenient. Web based courses are often interspersed with virtual teamwork exercises and interactive professional development opportunities to keep students on track and motivated. In some schools, students might learn synchronously in the evening students with their campus peers just without the commute. Other times they might complete coursework on their own schedule from anywhere as long as they have a computer and an Internet connection. There are also programs which offer the first part of the program asynchronously and the second, through live classes where students might work on their portfolio, in teams and through hands-on experiences.

Application Information

Admission to schools with online masters in marketing and advertising programs varies as each sets standards and prerequisites. Some programs do require a certain level of experience and background knowledge, but this is easy to check with individual schools. Commonly, applicants need a bachelors degree along with a minimum GPA. GRE and GMAT scores are asked for in some schools but may be waived if a student is eligible. Forms are usually completed online and may ask for fee, transcripts, letters, a resume and personal statement. As some online programs offer multiple start dates, it may be wise to check these details out initially, so you don’t miss key deadlines. offers 42 Online Marketing and Advertising Graduate Degree Programs

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