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A wide variety of accredited marketing and advertising graduate schools offer masters in marketing and advertising degree programs in residential, or campus, formats. These graduate programs might prepare students for leadership, research and management positions in diverse industries.[i] Consumer behavior, sales trends, product demand and advertising campaigns are used in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, finance and other sectors. While an undergraduate degree may be sufficient for some of the entry-level occupations, many students return to university in order to potentially earn higher wages[ii] or take on more technical roles.[iii]

Earn Your Masters Degree on Campus

Since both marketing and advertising rely on integrated communications, if you are ready to take the next academic step, working towards your masters in marketing and advertising degree in a campus based graduate program warrants consideration. If you plan on taking the full-time study route, you may be looking at 2-years of full-time study (this varies), and some marketing and advertising schools offer interesting internships with local or national businesses and advertising agencies. So how do you choose a graduate school for marketing and advertising? A few of your main considerations could include:

  • Academics – what type of advertising or marketing master’s program do you need?
  • Location – where do you want to attend school?
  • Accreditation – do you need an accredited school, an accredited business program?

How to Select a Marketing and Advertising Graduate School

Prospective graduate students approach their masters in marketing and advertising degree with a variety of backgrounds, which means academic needs may differ. You want to find a school where you are excited to learn with its faculty, the course curriculum appeals to you, and feel that the learning outcomes could potentially help you with your career goals. Spend a moment to clarify a few points to help focus your search:

  • MA, MS or MBA in Marketing and Advertising Degree?
  • General integrated marketing communications or specific field?

What Type of Marketing and Advertising Degree Do You Require?

If you have a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and are looking for a Master of Science in Marketing, this may help refine your search for graduate schools. Similarly, if you have a business degree such as the Bachelor of Business Administration and you are looking to apply into a Master of Business Administration, you may find other options. Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Science (MS) programs tend to provide technical in depth explorations of all aspects of the development, design, execution and assessment of marketing and advertising campaigns. This could include a focus on analytics and research. The MBA by contrast may be devoted to overall business concepts such as branding, market strategy and international marketing or advertising campaigns.

What Type of Marketing and Advertising Program Interests You?

Marketing is both a specialized field in business and an umbrella term for advertising, public relations, and fashion merchandising. Advertising involves persuasive communication as a promotional tool. In searching for a graduate school, it may be helpful to decide whether you are looking for general integrated marketing communications which includes both marketing and advertising, or a highly specialized program in digital marketing, or media and public communications. It is, above all else, important to find a masters in marketing and advertising degree that could provide transferrable skills to your desired career or continued education after graduation. Search our directory for:

  • On-Campus Advertising & Public Relations Masters Programs
  • On-Campus Fashion Merchandising Masters Programs
  • On-Campus Marketing Masters Programs

As you narrow your focus, you can then look into specific course curriculums, see whether the school stands out for their research department or has professors you would look forward to studying with in person.

Did You Know?

"Research conducted on cohort formats has suggested that they have the potential to fulfill students’ need for affiliation in an educational context”[iv]

Locate Masters in Marketing and Advertising Degree Programs

Whether you are an international student or an American student seeking to earn a master’s in marketing and advertising degree abroad, you can locate graduate programs with the help of our city, state and country tabs. Choose to study in an urban metropolis or a beautiful suburb. Either way, studying on campus has distinctive features.

Potential Features of Campus Marketing and Advertising Programs

  • Some graduate schools use the cohort system which could mean a dynamic and interactive setting where students form a tight knit learning community;[v]
  • You learn in a classroom through demonstration and live lectures;
  • Use the college campus facilities (cafeteria, libraries, student lounges, career and academic counseling services);
  •  Your off time gives you a chance to explore a new community or participate in college activities;
  • Meeting new people could expand your professional and personal networks;
  • Effective communication is a key skill for marketing and advertising professionals to develop[vi] and the in-person setting might offer unique practical group work where you could learn how to mobilize marketing and advertising campaign teams;
  • Marketing and advertising schools may offer internship programs in their area; see if any companies they might affiliate with or close by spark your interest;
  • Often you can talk to alumni or visit the campus to see how a school culture fits with your personality;
  • Many graduate schools offer class schedules that are directed for working students (evening or weekend).


Accreditation shows that an institution and or specific program has been vetted by an outside agency and upholds quality standards. Look for regionally accredited institutions; you can use the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation as resources. For program specific accreditors, especially for business graduate schools, that have been accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs and/or the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education. Why might this be important? In order for an institution to receive federal funds, it must be accredited by a national or regional accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education; if you are a student looking into federally or state funded financial aid programs this could be relevant.

Find Masters in Marketing & Advertising Schools

You now have a clearer sense of the type of masters in marketing and advertising degree program you are looking for, and are excited to study advanced topics such as public relations, consumer behavior, sales, visual art, marketing consulting and market research analytics. Your next step is to find a graduate school. Search our extensive directory of sponsored program listings such as Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications; Flexible MBA-Marketing; Master of Science in Digital Marketing; MBA Marketing; Master of Science in Marketing Analytics. Use the filter to search by location and level. Request information from schools and find out about unique curriculum, accreditation and of course, deadline for your application!

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