Marketing Coursework

Marketing Graduate Program Curriculum

The curriculum of a marketing graduate program varies among programs, further variation occurs depending on the student’s area of focus within the discipline, and the degree that is being pursued.  However, in general, graduate program courses for marketing tend to focus on studying advanced concepts, theories and strategies behind marketing and advertising in the economy.

Most graduate programs begin with a course that emphasizes the foundations of marketing, advertising and communications, allowing students to become familiar with the more advanced subjects that will be studied later on.  Foundational courses offer a general look at marketing concepts and serve as an introductory or refresher course for students. Once the introductory courses are complete, most graduate programs center on advanced courses on key subjects such as;

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Communications
  • Digital Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Applied Marketing Concepts
  • Branding and Management
  • Leadership
  • Market Research
  • Pricing
  • Sales

Students typically study subjects more in-depth than in undergraduate programs and are usually introduced to more advanced marketing theories and strategies. Graduation requirements might include a capstone course that connects all of the new coursework studied over the course of the program. Some schools may require students to fulfill internship, thesis ,or research project requirements as well.

Common Coursework in a Marketing Graduate Program

While the coursework requirements in a marketing graduate program will vary, there are some common class topics that students might expect to encounter. These courses teach students some the basic tenants of marketing theory, practice, and research.  Some common course topics in a marketing graduate program might include;

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Logistics and Distribution Management
  • International Marketing Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Brand Management
  • Research
  • Statistics
  • Social Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Promotional Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Marketing is a highly specialized and varied field, advanced study of this discipline which is at one a science and an art, may allow students to become highly informed experts within a very specific discipline, or enhance their general knowledge of the field.  The curriculum and coursework will vary tremendously depending on the individual students educational and career goals.

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