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digital marketing basicsDigital Marketing Basics

Digital marketing agencies promote goods or services through digital channels. The field of digital marketing includes internet marketing, but it also includes other channels such as cell phones. Digital or new media agencies might provide clients with banner ads, e-mail marketing, web design, interactive marketing or even viral ad campaigns. They have also branched out into areas such as social media, blogs and online contests. Well-known digital firms include Razorfish , OgilvyInteractive, iCrossing and Digitas....Read more.

marketing concentrations and careersMarketing Subject Concentrations and Careers

We’re all familiar with the concept of a major and a minor, but what is a “concentration” within a graduate degree program? Why might one consider choosing a concentration in their field? As careers in business and marketing become more specialized, graduate programs are encouraging students to declare a concentration within their business degree program. A concentration makes a business graduate that much more attractive to employers, often broadening their job prospects and better preparing them to meet the challenges of today’s high-tech marketplace.....Read more.


advertising versus marketingAdvertising vs Marketing

The general consensus among marketing and business professionals is that advertising falls under the broader umbrella of marketing—a small slice of the larger marketing pie. So how and why do we differentiate between the two? Where does one begin and the other end? There is a certain amount of overlap between the two activities, depending on the company and the marketing plan—but here’s the breakdown:....Read more.


marketing opportunities Marketing Employment Opportunities

An MBA with a concentration in marketing can open up a world of new career options or can elevate you from your current position to the next level. Oftentimes, a company will draw from its internal talent pool—those with technical expertise or advanced knowledge of the product, for instance—to work in the marketing department. A number of marketing professionals therefore have general degrees in business or communications and on-the-job experience in marketing a very specific company, product or service. In fact, only a few places offer Masters degrees in marketing.....Read more.

marketing student interviewInterview with a Marketing Student

Maria Orlova is a busy student at Pace University in New York studying toward an MBA. She also works full-time in addition to her studies. Orlova earned a BBA in finance as an undergrad and is now a graduate student who remains very involved in the Pace graduate marketing community. Orlova gave GradSchools.com a chance to ask her some questions about what it is like to be a graduate marketing student.....Read more.

direct marketing basicsDirect Marketing Basics

Direct marketing agencies send promotional messages directly to consumers instead of using a mass medium such as television. Although direct marketing includes telemarketing and direct mail, sometimes called junk mail, e-mail has been growing as a direct-marketing tool. Some professionals in the field focus on B-to-B (business-to-business) direct marketing. Direct response agencies create campaigns that ask consumers to respond directly to the advertisers by mail, telephone, e-mail or some other means of communication.....Read more.

marketing vs public relationsMarketing vs. Public Relations

Marketing and public relations are closely intertwined in many aspects, yet fundamentally different in many other ways. While both career fields focus on communications, brand ...Read more.


masters in marketingBenefits of Earning a MS in Marketing

Earning a master’s degree in marketing may be a great way to broaden your knowledge of the field, network with other professionals, and gain...Read more.


marketing CourseworkMarketing Coursework and Curriculum

The curriculum of a marketing graduate program varies among programs, further variation occurs depending on the student’s area of focus within the discipline...Read more.

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