Basics of Digital Marketing

About Digital Marketing CareersDigital marketing agencies promote goods or services through digital channels. The field of digital marketing includes internet marketing, but it also includes other channels such as cell phones. Digital or new media agencies might provide clients with banner ads, e-mail marketing, web design, interactive marketing or even viral ad campaigns. They have also branched out into areas such as social media, blogs and online contests. Well-known digital firms include Razorfish , OgilvyInteractive, iCrossing and Digitas.

Types of Digital Marketing Careers

There are two types of digital marketing—pull digital marketing and push digital marketing. With pull digital marketing technologies, the user must seek out and grasp (or pull) the message. Blogs and websites are examples of pull technology. For push digital marketing, the marketer needs to send (or push) content to the users for them to get the message. An example of push technology would be an electronic newsletter or a text message.

Digital Marketing Masters Degree Programs

Some schools now offer degrees in digital marketing and communications. These programs are relatively new, so often people in the industry usually have more general degrees in fields such as communications, business or finance. An internship with an agency is a good way to get a foot in the door. Digital marketing agencies hire account directors, copy writers and project managers. They also need people with strong technical skills for jobs such as software engineer and interactive producer. In addition, agencies hire digital marketing managers to lead teams and work with external partners. Digital marketing managers usually need several years of experience working in the field and supervising employees, and it’s helpful to have an MBA.

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