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As the name implies, public relations professionals manage public relationships of their clients, which can be organizations or individuals. Thus, a career in public relations typically involves managing and maintaining the credibility and public image of your clients. This is accomplished using numerous tactics including showcasing your client to the public, controlling public opinions and behavior, and undertaking investigations to determine the challenges and expectations that face your client and how to manage them. Due to the nature of the job, the duties public relations professionals carry out vary from one client to another and typically involve:

  • Organizing, creating and executing public relations strategies
  • Interacting with clients, media, the public, and other important spokespeople
  • Communicating with and addressing enquiries from media, people, and other organizations, usually through phone and/ or mail
  • Collecting and analyzing media coverage data and public tends
  • Writing and producing press releases, speeches, handouts, leaflets, promotional videos, films and multimedia programs
  • Creating and organizing photo opportunities for your clients’’ and lots more

Public Relations Careers

Public relations professionals might pursue careers that require them to work in-house or independently as freelancers. They may identify potential employment opportunities in both the private and public sector, including; utility companies, media companies, non-profit organizations, or large corporations. As a public relations professional, you may have many different career opportunities depending on your level of education and area of interest, some potential job titles for public relations professionals include; director of public affairs, account supervisor, public relations specialist, and public relations manager.

Director of Public Affairs

Director of public affairs typically works for companies rather than for an individual client. Their responsibilities often include development and implementation of a company's communications strategies and objectives. Primary duties for the director of public affairs may include the following tasks:

  • Develop and execute public relations plans
  • Acquire and maintain robust media connections
  • Assist in accomplishing organizational aims and objectives by overseeing the communications and public relations programs
  • Determine a complete communications plan to enhance the company's image as well as raise awareness of its plans and priorities
  • Handle public affairs difficulties
  • Function as executive editor for the growth, development and maintenance of the company's internal and external communication channels
  • Strengthen relationships with target, high-level external audiences

Account Supervisor

Account supervisors usually work in an agency and their job involves managing and leading the agency’s daily relationships with their key clients. Main responsibilities for account supervisors include:

  • Display confidence as the common voice of the organization
  • Adequately harmonize the expectations of the client and the agency
  • Prepare for possible relationship or service challenges and advise account director or supervisor about these challenges
  • Obtain comprehensive understanding of each client’s business – their major issues, competitive ability and business innovations
  • Help in the development of an annual customer development program

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists build and maintain a desirable public impression for the client they represent. They design media releases to shape public opinions as well as increase understanding of the goals and objectives of their client. Public relations specialists typically perform the following tasks:

  • Prepare press releases and coordinate information for the media
  • React to information demands from the media
  • Help clients to communicate appropriately with the public
  • Help manage their organization's business image and identity
  • Plan speeches and organize interviews for their client or organization
  • Assess marketing and publicity programs to ascertain whether they are suitable for their client or organization
  • Control communication with the public, consumers, investors, reporters, and other media professionals

In government, public relations specialists are sometimes known as press secretaries. In such set up, they inform the public about the activities of government officials and agencies.

Public Relations Manager

Public relations managers plan and direct the creation of materials and programs that enhance the public image of their employer or client. Public relations managers typically do the following tasks:

  • Prepare information and draft press releases for the media
  • Determine audiences and client groups and how best to reach them
  • Set up an information source or assign a spokesperson for media enquiries
  • Assists clients in communicating with the public
  • Help manage client’s corporate image and identity
  • Devise advertising and promotional strategies
  • Assign, supervise, and review staff activities

Observe social, economic, and political trends and recommend ways to improve the client’s image based on these trends

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