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Earning a graduate degree in writing may open the door to a wide array of new potential opportunities with careers for writers. Even if you’re not the next great author out there, a graduate degree in writing may potentially offer many new careers paths to explore, from copywriting to public relations to technical writing and much more. Those interested in earning a graduate degree in writing or are currently enrolled in a graduate writing program should consider their career options carefully and perform extensive research into what sorts of careers they can pursue upon graduating.

Copywriter Careers for Writers

Copywriters write advertising, marketing and product descriptions with the goal of persuading the audience to buy a certain product or service. Copywriters often work in a wide variety of mediums, including print and online publications, direct mail, brochures, television and radio commercials, press releases and more. Copywriters can be employed by a company or copywriting agency or may choose to work independently as freelancers.

Copywriters often work closely with other members of a creative team and coordinate their efforts with public relations and sales teams as well. In recent years, online copywriting, digital content writing and SEO copywriting have been in strong demand, a result of the rapid growth of online marketing and advertising. To succeed, copywriters need a skill set that blends creativity with a strong command of the English language, exceptional writing skills and a keen sense for marketing and advertising trends.

Publicist Careers for Writers

The position of a publicist mixes advertising with public relations to create a distinct professional role. Publicists work on behalf of individual or group clients as well as businesses with the ultimate goal of generating positive publicity. They often arrange paid advertising, interviews, media appearances and the like to send a positive message to the media and the public concerning their client. Publicists may be further subdivided into more distinct roles, such as media agents, press representatives and public relations specialists, all of which focus on niche areas of the industry. Excellent communications skills, knowledge of the media and a deep knowledge of marketing and advertising strategies are all required to succeed as a publicist.

Technical Writer

A technical writer is a professional writer who focuses on subjects such as engineering, computers, science, law or medicine. They help the public better understand advanced subjects through communicating to them in a language they can understand. Technical writers often produce manuals, online help guides, white papers, test plans, systems manuals and the like. Before beginning to writer, technical writers must have a keen understanding of both the subject matter and their audience to successfully create and convey the technical material in an effective manner. Key skills to have as a technical writer include professional writing, graphic design, business analysis, information architecture and editing.

Journalist Careers for Writers

Journalists collect, write, edit and disseminate news articles across various mediums, including print, broadcast, online and radio. Journalism falls into a number of distinct genres, including investigative journalism, advocacy journalism and broadcast journalism, all of which differ considerably and require a certain degree of specialized skills. Journalists should possess skills such as professional writing, editing and a solid grasp of proper ethic and standards in order to succeed in the business.

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