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Often geared to current professionals, Hybrid Masters in Literature and Writing Programs blend the interaction of the on-campus experience with the convenience of online courses. Whether you are interested primarily in refining your writing style or studying literary works in depth, there are a variety of Masters and Masters of Fine Arts degrees to choose from. Earning a Master’s degree in Literature and Writing may be a great way to strengthen your technical writing skills or cultivate an expertise in literary critique and many aspiring professors. With the flexible hybrid format, it could be the continued education you are looking for!

Hybrid Literature and Writing Masters Degree Programs Information

Hybrid Masters in Literature and Writing Program Basics

Hybrid Masters in Literature and Writing programs typically require prospective students to have a Bachelor’s degree; some programs also require a writing sample or portfolio and letters of recommendation. Hybrid Masters and Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) degree programs may take from 1 to 2 years to complete depending on whether you attend full time or part-time. Aside from extensive reading, writing, critical analysis and research, many programs also entail a thesis.

Potential Features of Hybrid Masters Programs in Writing and Literature

Often referred to as ‘blended online’, Hybrid Masters in Literature and Writing Programs are distance learning programs with campus requirements, so they are considered both flexible (online) and low residency (campus). Graduate level literature and writing programs often require a substantial amount of reading, critical literary analysis and writing. With courses delivered via web-based systems, all you really have to do is log in when it is convenient to you. That being said, there is usually a fair bit of participation required amongst learners. From having to read your paper aloud to hear criticism so that you might

perfect your technique, to sharing your opinions and point of view. This aspect lends itself well to in-person learning.

Hybrid programs thus aim to combine the accessibility of online education with the personalized attention of a student-centered approach and face-to-face interaction. This may work well for working professionals or students who have other responsibilities. The campus requirements may come in the form of a weekend or summer intensive but this is determined by the graduate school and formats vary. While you are autonomous during the online component, usually there are methods to stay connected with professors and classmates (e.g. email, text, web chat, online group discussion boards.) Definitely worth considering if you are open to some travel.

Why Earn a Master’s Degrees in Literature and Writing?

Technically, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, writers and authors are generally required to hold a bachelor’s degree[i] however, there are any number of reasons to earn a Master’s degree in Literature and Writing. Among these:

  • Credit towards secondary school teaching: some states require high school teachers to earn a master’s degree after earning their teaching certification.[ii]
  • You aspire to write the next bestseller and want to refine your creative writing techniques, learn how to edit, publish, or think critically.
  • As a stepping-stone to a PhD and a potential career as a post-secondary teacher.[iii]
  • You are interested in technical writing, journalism, media, scriptwriting, advertising.

DID YOU KNOW? Editors Develop story or content ideas, considering reader or audience appeal. (O’Net)[iv]

Finding the ‘Right’ Literature and Writing Master’s Program

Some points to consider when choosing a Masters Literature program or MFA degree might include:

  • Decide on the type of literature you want to study and choose a university with a strong department in that area
  • If you are choosing an MFA Creative Writing or Master in Professional Writing degree program, will you have access to faculty members especially when it comes to your thesis
  • What kinds of fellowships or teaching assistantships are available?
  • What type of library resources will you have access to?
  • Is the college accredited? You can also check with the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) as they are the national agency for accreditation and quality assurance.[v]
  • Is there support in place for the online component?

Initiating a Search

Searching for a Hybrid Masters in Literature in Writing is easy on Browse by subject:

  • Creative Writing
  • Literature
  • Professional Writing

Take advantage of the convenient green ‘request info’ tab, especially to help you differentiate between similar sounding programs.

Take the Next Step

If a Hybrid Masters in Literature and Writing is your next academic step, start to review sponsored listings that might include Hybrid Master of Arts –Literature and Writing, Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (Fiction), Master of Arts in Creative Writing and Literature for Educators. Choose one that aligns and supports your interests and aspirations.

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