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Blog Articles on Writing Writing Graduate Program Curriculum CoursesWriting Program Curriculum

Curricula for Master’s degree writing programs aim to teach students how to write at the pro...Read more.


Blog Articles on Writing - Famous WritersFamous Writers with a Degree

Thousands of aspiring graduate students apply to MFA programs every year to hone their writing skills, and pursue their dream of having their words shared with the masses. This pursuit of passion doesn’t always pay off...Read more.


Blog Articles on Writing - Writing SpecialtiesWriting Specialties

What Type of Writer are You ?Earning a graduate degree in writing can open up a host of new ..Read more.


Blog Articles on Writing - expert interviewExpert Interview

Scott Singleton is a technical writer at RTI, Inc., a small computer software company that offers business solutions for a variety of businesses. He has served in this role for over a year. As a technical writer in a small company...Read more.


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