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Becoming a Writer | So, You Want to Be a Writer…

So, you want to become a writer? Professional writing is a popular field to enter, but how do you know you have what it takes to pursue a career in this profession? Contrary to popular belief, writers aren’t all brooding neurotics with serious hang-ups… honestly! Many make a good living doing what they love, but the craft requires some special skills and abilities to pursue a serious writing career.

Making a living as a writer can indeed be difficult at times (the phrase “starving artist” wasn’t just made up for no good reason!) Yet with the right skills and abilities, some people might be able to succeed in this profession. Here are 10 qualities that might mean that becoming a writer is right for you!

Love of Written Expression

It seems a bit obvious, but written expression skills are very important for people who are interested in pursuing a career in writing. Those with a solid grasp of writing can effectively communicate on paper and might find employment opportunities in many areas of professional writing, including; copywriting, technical writing, independent authorship and poetry.

The Originality of Becoming a Writer

Writers, whether in copywriting, fiction writing, biography writing or anything else in between, need to be innovative and original to stand out in this competitive field. Motivated and truly original individuals may find that sharing their ideas through the written word a rewarding pursuit.

Time Management Skills needed in Becoming a Writer

Time management involves the productive and efficient use of time to get things done. For writers, time management is very important as they often have to deal with strict deadlines and hectic schedules. Long story short: if you were that guy who waited to write a 20-page essay the night before it was due, a career in professional writing might not be for you!

Social Perceptiveness

Social perceptiveness is being aware of others’ reactions and understanding how and why people react to things the way they do. This quality is very important to writers as it allows them to better understand their audiences’ thoughts, emotions and thinking.


Creative thinking is vital to the pursuit of a career as a professional writer. It helps them to create new ideas, concepts and artistic works for audiences to enjoy.

Knowledge of Communications and Media

Having a solid grasp of the media and how modern communications work is also very important for aspiring writers. Writers have to understand their audience and how to reach them. A writer with a great understanding of media communications might find these skills helpful in an era where print, digital media, radio, film, television and independent publications all compete for attention.

Good Grammar

Understanding the building blocks of sentence structure and language may help writing professionals be able to better communicate their thoughts and ideas. Composing a message that is easily understood by their audience is one way that writers can ensure that their ideas are properly interpreted.

Fluency of Ideas

The fluency of ideas is the ability to come up with numerous ideas about a certain topic. A writer with a good fluency for ideas might be able to develop a robust story that captures the attention of their readers.

Stress Tolerances needed while Becoming a Writer

Stress tolerance is the ability to handle criticism and deadlines in a stressful work environment without, you know… freaking out! Writers, who often have to deal with tight deadlines, packed schedules and relentless criticism from just about everyone on the planet, need to have a high stress tolerance in order to survive.

Self-Motivation required while Becoming a Writer

Crazy as it sounds, not everyone wants to work under the iron heel of a maniacal, micromanaging boss. Independence means taking the initiative to get work done and being a self-starter. This quality is vital to writers as it means more productivity, creativity and success in a competitive job market.

Becoming a Writer can be a fun and rewarding career choice. If you think you have what it takes explore our Master Degrees in Writing by clicking the link below!

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