Online Masters of Liberal Arts & Humanities Programs

Online Masters of Liberal Arts and Humanities Programs are offered in a wide range of topics, from broad and interdisciplinary humanities degrees to specific and career-focused business and economics degrees. Distance-learning makes it possible for working professionals to take courses and learn skills that might advance them in a current role, or transition into a field that requires a higher level of knowledge or proficiency.

If you have a scholarly curiosity, read on to explore the potential benefits of earning a Liberal arts Masters degree online.

Online Liberal Arts Masters Degree Program Information

Online Masters of Liberal Arts & Humanities Programs: Essentials

Liberal arts and humanities is an expansive field that encompasses the study of humanity and human relations. The term ‘liberal arts’ is often used interchangeably with liberal studies, humanities and liberal sciences.

Each Masters program within the larger scope of liberal studies, or liberal arts is going to have its own admission protocol and requirements. Most often, prospective students have already earned a bachelor’s degree, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Sometimes candidates have to submit letters of academic reference, an up to date résumé and a statement of purpose explaining their career goals and interest in the program.

General or Specific Liberal Arts Masters Degree?

Most general or cross disciplinary Online Masters in Liberal Arts and Humanities degree programs incorporate course topics related to social sciences, literature and writing, languages, world cultures, social issues and philosophy. These may be listed as Online Master of Arts in Humanities or Online Cross-Disciplinary Studies Master of Arts for instance.

Specific Online Masters of Liberal Arts & Humanities graduate programs might also be targeted at explicit populations, or those adults who already know ‘where they want to go’ with their academics. To give you a few examples, Online Spanish Master of Arts for Teachers, Online MBA in Economic Crime and Fraud Management or Master of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction.


Interested in writing professionally? Since writing skills are essential in this occupation, many employers prefer candidates with a degree in English, journalism, or communications.

Potential Features of an Online Masters Program in Liberal Arts

You can’t assume that all Online Masters of Liberal Arts Programs have the exact same course management system or format. We’ll outline a few possible features, but you should consider requesting info directly from the sit to the graduates school or online liberal arts college you are considering in order to get a detailed picture of what will be involved.

Program Format: If your program is 100% online, it generally means all your courses are available as pre-recorded sessions or lectures, and you can access them whenever you are ready to login. If your program is partially online, it may mean that it is more of a hybrid (some campus some online) or that there are brief intensives or onsite visits. When you consider how many of the Liberal Arts Masters programs require engagement with others (think: thought-provoking discussions, learning to ask questions, communicate effectively with others) this makes sense.

Online Interaction: In some instances, e-learners have to participate in online group discussion boards. Beyond this, there are so many tools provided by technology (emails, web chat, text messages) that students may feel connected even though it is through a web portal.

Synchronous or Asynchronous: Basically another way of talking about whether your lectures are part of a pre-taped series that mimics the on-campus program, or is formatted specifically for the online students. Or, whether you need to be present to view lectures on your computer as they are delivered live.

Motivation: While Online Masters of Liberal Arts Programs have the plus of being convenient (no commute), you also have to be self-motivated to be able to schedule your study time. Also, you want to make sure you have a space that is conducive to learning.

Online doesn’t mean easier: Chances are your transcript might show simply that you aced your courses and graduated top of the class not that you earned an online degree. Some graduate schools offer the same program on campus as they do online so the virtual classroom may be as challenging as the real one.

Accreditation: When reviewing online Liberal Arts Masters programs, do check that your program and institution are accredited from a national accreditation agency.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Online programs may be a great choice for you if you live too far from a graduate school, have no time to commute to class on a committed basis, or just need to balance other factors with academics. Whether you are interested in pursuing an online Master of Arts in Liberal Arts degree or enrolling in a profession specific program such as Masters in publishing or Masters in Economic Development, take that next step! There are a variety of exciting programs for you to review.


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