Alabama Taxation Law Masters Programs

Are you interested in gaining more advanced skills to help you pursue a career in taxation law? If so, enrolling in a master’s of taxation law degree program may be a good way to help you achieve your goals! Tax attorneys are responsible for handling a wide variety of different tax-related issues for individuals, businesses or corporations. This may involve helping clients navigate complex tax regulations to help ensure that they pay the appropriate amount on income, profits or property as per IRS rule. Where could you work? The majority of lawyers work in private or corporate legal offices—however, some are also employed by local, state and federal governments. Learn more about local campus taxation law grad programs today!

The most common degree is the LLM of Taxation which typically requires a previous JD degree or equivalent. You can search for an online LLM or filter by location, picking a city, state or country to look for taxation law grad programs in your desired area. There are also Master of Taxation (MT) programs although those tend to be associated to business taxation and follow a more accounting oriented track.

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