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The Masters in Legal Studies online (MLS) degree program is typically designed for working professionals who might benefit from legal training but do not wish to practice law as an attorney.

Masters of Legal Studies

What is a Masters Degree in Legal Studies Online Program?

The Masters in Legal Studies online – MLS online program- is a post graduate law degree for non-lawyers offered through distance learning. Some law schools may also refer to the MLS as a Master of Studies in Law (MSL). MLS online programs might consist of approximately 24 credits which may take approximately one year to complete on a full-time basis. Part-time programs might take about two years to complete, although this may vary.

Who Might Consider a MLS Online Degree Program?

A Masters in Legal Studies online (MLS degree) program might appeal to current professionals and/or graduates of Bachelors in Legal Studies degree programs who want to learn how to think, debate and ask questions like an attorney, but are not interested in taking Bar exams or practicing in a court of law.

  • International Students: Earning a Masters of Legal studies degree online might also appeal to international students who want to learn about the U.S. laws and legal systems
  • Professionals in the U.S.: Business, STEM and other professionals whose present or future career path requires a working knowledge of legal concepts, procedures, regulations and negotiations. Those who find themselves mid-career and wishing they had a better foundation for understanding the law or for working alongside lawyers might also consider pursuing a legal studies Masters degree online.
  • Current Licensed Attorneys: Specifically in the case of Master of Law degree online (LLM degree) programs

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Masters in Legal Studies Online: Potential Admissions Requirements

One of the features of some Master of Legal Studies MLS online degree programs is that they might offer rolling admissions with several potential start dates. You should check with the online schools for legal studies on your list to see what their admissions criteria are. Some of the potential requirements might include;

  • A personal statement about how an MLS online program might benefit you personally and professionally
  • Undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university, transcripts
  • Interview
  • Submission of TOEFL scores
  • Essays, letters of recommendation, professional resume

Master of Legal Studies: Potential Curriculum

Masters of legal studies online programs might emphasize the application of U.S. law and the legal system across a variety of topics. Some MLS online programs may resemble the first year of law school, and might teach students about;

  • Legal procedures
  • Contracts and negotiation
  • Legal writing
  • Professional responsibility
  • Intellectual property
  • Business associations
  • International business transactions
  • Compliance issues

MLS Online: Potential Features and Format

Some MLS online programs may be offered completely through web based learning so that students might pursue their postgraduate law degree online from anywhere in the world without relocating or putting their careers or other commitments on hold.

Format: The formats for Masters in Legal Studies online programs varies, as some universities may offer exclusively online education and others may offer on-campus programs that mirror their distance education curriculum and might rely on a brief in-person component.

Features: May include a university’s own online learning system such as one to one faculty mentoring. Other potential features of online Masters in Legal Studies programs might consist of;

  • Courses may be interactive, pre-taped or live streaming.
  • Usually a school will specify any technical requirements such as software, a working email address, reliable internet provider and other details so you know what to expect ahead of time.
  • Master of Studies in law online programs may not entail any group projects and may not require mandatory log-in times so students may be able to self-pace and work within their own timetables.
  • Some online LLM and MLS programs may allow students to customize their program of study.
  • Research tools may be available via online law libraries and databases

Other Types of Online Masters in Law Programs

Other post graduate law programs which may appeal to non-lawyers as well as to JD graduates who seek specialization within their law practice.

might include:

What is a Masters in Law? About the Online LLM

The online Masters of Laws, or LLM degree is a post-graduate law degree that is designed for lawyers and graduates of Juris Doctor programs (or graduates with a first degree in law for foreign students). Typically, an LLM online degree is awarded after one year of full time studies where students must complete a thesis, although this may vary. Some programs for attorneys of foreign countries may entail a longer time to completion. While the Master of Law degree does not prepare graduates to take State Bar exams, online LLM programs might offer current lawyers the opportunity to develop specialized knowledge which might enhance a current law practice.

Online Law Schools and Accreditation

Accreditation is one indicator that an institution and its programs have undergone scrutiny by an outside agency with respect to quality standards. Legal studies Masters degree online programs, Master of studies in law online programs and Online Masters of Law programs may be offered at schools that have been regionally accredited and/or accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

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