Masters in Secondary Education Online

Pursuing a secondary education master’s degree program could be an intimidating process. Whether you’re currently teaching your own courses, or researching a new career path, the rigorous coursework may not seem to coincide with your busy day-to-day schedule. That’s where an online degree program could help and could fit your needs best!

Masters in Secondary Education Programs

The convenience and flexibility of online coursework might help you obtain your personal goals: enhancing your career, becoming licensed for a new occupation, or strengthening your own top educational skills. With a commute to your living room or office as your only hurdle, nothing may stand between you and your online masters in secondary education degree program.

Online Masters in Secondary Education

Pursuing a Secondary Education Master’s Degree Program Online : The Basics

While earning a master’s degree is not required for licensure, it does have some practical applications. For current teachers, the degree program could be an excellent way to update the teaching methods you bring into the classroom. And while a master’s degree may not be required for initial licensure, some states do require one to maintain teaching capabilities.[i] For those seeking an occupational change, earning a master’s degree program could mean bypassing this requirement while simultaneously obtaining your licensure.[ii]

In the long term, earning a master’s degree might have further career implications. Education admins who have earned their master’s degree may have a wage premium of $23,000 over their colleagues who earned only a bachelor’s degree[iii]. If you’re seeking career enhancement, it’s important to note that teachers who have earned a master’s degree could peruse roles as instructional coordinators, administration leadership, or even principals; positions which may require one as a prerequisite.[iv]

Common Admissions Requirements for Masters in Secondary Education Online Programs

Admissions requirements may vary from course to course and school to school, but many ask for a few general items. When applying to a master’s degree program, admissions may require applicants to have a 3.0 or higher undergraduate GPA. Schools may also require some additional documents to supplement your application. Other requirements may include, but are not limited to:

  • Official transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • CV or resume
  • Professional teaching portfolio

Be sure to check if your intended Online Masters in Secondary Education degree programs require you to be a fully licensed teacher at the time of application. Some schools may offer a licensing program congruent with their regular studies, but others may focus on those already teaching.

Which Online Secondary Education Master’s Degree Program May Be Perfect for You?

Deciding on which master’s degree program may require you to think about your personal goals for the program. Considering what outcomes you want from the program and what you want to emphasize in your studies could be a great place to start. With these ideas in mind, browse the following degree programs to find one that takes your goals into consideration:

  • A Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) with a concentration in Secondary Education may focus on preparing educators to tackle the core subjects encountered in a grades 5-12 environment. This could be a great starting point for those entering the education field because it provides a comprehensive coverage of general academia and teaching method.
  • The Master of Science in Secondary Education, similar to the MAT, typically covers educators in-classroom techniques. Where it may differ is that the coursework provides an in-depth investigation of the individual core subjects taught in secondary education.
  • The Master of Education in Secondary Education degree covers two aspects of teaching: students may engage with general liberal arts subjects in addition to contemporary educational research that could improve teaching methods. This program could be ideal for students considering a teaching occupation because it interacts with modern teaching developments that could benefit a new teacher in the classroom.

Teaching Licensure With a Masters in Secondary Education Online

If you’re new to the educational field, you might have to consider acquiring your teaching licensure before or during enrollment for your master’s degree program. Teaching requirements vary by state, but many states may require:

  • Written examination
  • Background checks
  • Verification of Bachelor’s Degree
  • State issued education courses

Be sure to check with your state government for specific requirements.

Accreditation of Masters Programs in Secondary Ed Online

Attending an accredited master’s degree program may not be required for licensure, but the standardized educational standards associated with it is often easily recognized by school districts and fellow educators. The U. S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation recognize the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) as a professional accrediting body for teacher preparation. The NCATE accredits schools, colleges, and departments of education in U.S. colleges and universities, as well as non-university entities that prepare educators for P-12 schools[v].

Why Pursue an Online Secondary Education Master’s Degree Program?

Why would you want to pursue a secondary education master’s degree program online? For one thing, you might want the convenience and flexibility of being able to log into your course when your schedule allows it. If you’re currently teaching your own students, you might be too busy to attend a weekly course that doesn’t consider your fluctuating schedule. Or commuting to your local college campus might eat up a large chunk of your day. When your classroom is in your home, there’s no commute! In addition to the locality and time table, school’s may also provide access to the libraries and databases online so that students have access to the research advantages of those on-campus!

Find a Perfect Online Secondary Education Master’s Degree Program Today!

Sit back, pull up your favorite chair, and get ready dive into your secondary education master’s degree program. is ready and waiting to help you on your academic journey. To begin your Online Masters in Secondary Education programs search, choose your preferred online program. Browse the list of sponsored sites to find a program perfect for your goals and needs. An Online Masters in Secondary Education degree program not for you? Why not check out the potential benefits of an on-campus degree program to see if that’s a better fit. No matter the format, you could find a great secondary education master’s program today!

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