Education Masters Programs Online for K-12 Teachers

Teaching is a challenging but exciting career path that may call for continued education to keep you on your toes! If you’re thinking of pursuing an online masters in education to potentially help you navigate the classroom and beyond, you are in the right place!

K-12 Education Masters Programs

Below, you’ll learn a bit more about whether online learning, in the form of Online Masters in Education Programs for K-12 Teachers could be perfect for you. Plus, discover what you may learn while pursuing a masters in education online, and even check out a few sponsored listings for Online Masters for K-12 Teachers Education programs that may help you prepare for the many joys and hurdles of teaching!

Do You Need a Masters Degree to Teach?[i]

While earning a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for pursuing a teaching career path, each state may have its own licensure and certification requirements for teaching in a public school. In some cases, pursuing a master’s degree or post-baccalaureate education courses may be necessary. Depending on your state, you may wish to consider online graduate courses for teachers, or online masters programs in education. may be a good resource for looking up specific state requirements. Keep in mind that these requirements may not apply to teachers who plan to work in private schools.

Fun fact: 19% of elementary school teachers said they needed to earn a master’s degree for their current roles.[ii]

What Might I Learn in Online Masters in Education Programs for K-12 Teachers?

Great question! Especially for teachers who already have some experience, it’s natural to wonder what an online masters in education program may cover. Here are a few knowledge areas you could potentially study:

  • The diverse classroom
  • Educational research
  • Computer applications for teachers
  • Curriculum development
  • Inter-group theory
  • School law and policy
  • Current issues in education
  • And more!

What Online Masters in Education Concentrations Might I Choose?

Master’s degree candidates may be able to select a particular area in which to focus, based on their professional interests and goals. Of course, available concentrations may depend on the online education masters programs you’re considering, as well as your intended career path! But here are a few potential top concentrations:

  • Special education
  • Educational leadership
  • Curriculum and instruction
  • Grades Pre-K to 4
  • Grades 4 to 8
  • Grades 7 to 12
  • And others

Why Pursue a Masters in K-12 Education Online?

If you have limited experience with online learning, you may be wondering if this path could suit your lifestyle, educational preferences, and goals. Here are just a few potential reasons why earning a masters in teaching online may be a best fit:

You could potentially keep working – Hoping to continue working or teaching full-time while you study? (Not to mention all the family and household responsibilities you may have to juggle!) Online learning may allow you to pursue your master’s degree from anywhere with an internet connection, and at times of the day or night that may be more convenient for you. That doesn’t necessarily mean that pursuing online masters programs in education require less of a time commitment, just that you may be able to fit online graduate courses for teachers into a busy schedule.

You may not have to leave home – Not every budding education professional wants to relocate in order to attend grad school, or even commute to a local campus. If you have your heart set on a program that’s far from home, you may wish to find out if the school offers education masters programs in an online format. You may be able to pursue an online masters degree in education from a grad school across the country, or in the next county, while remaining in the comfort of your living room!

You could learn independently – If you’re like the over 25% of graduate students under age 24 who chose online learning in 2016, you might have a bit of an independent streak! * While some students may learn best in a traditional classroom, others prefer the experience of learning online. And among students who have experienced both campus and online learning, 90% said their online courses were as good or better! *

How Do I Choose an Online Masters Degree Program in K-12 Education?

There are a few potential factors you may want to check out, as you explore online masters programs in education! Here are just a few Online Masters in K-12 Education programs to consider:

An accredited school[iii]Accreditation by an organization that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education may be a major indicator of your prospective school’s quality, and it’s required if you are eligible for federal financial aid.

Curriculum and concentrations – Naturally, you’ll want to identify potential online education masters programs that may offer the area of study you’re most interested in pursuing! Review available concentrations and courses to see if a prospective program catches your interest.

Course delivery – Online learners may have an extra consideration: how their lessons are delivered! A program may take a multimedia approach, using tools like Blackboard and other interactive content. So, make sure you can meet the program’s technology requirements, and that you like the sound of your program’s curriculum delivery methods.

Reputation – Is your prospective masters in education online program known for helping current and future teachers prepare for their professional goals? Do a little digging to find out if the program you’re interested in seems reputable!

Anything else that matters to you – It may be a good idea to make a list of everything you’re looking for in a masters in teaching online program – whether that’s resources like career counseling or features like low student-to-faculty ratios. You not find a program that has everything, but hopefully you’ll identify one that seems like a good fit for you!

Online Masters in Education Programs for K-12 Teachers: Time to Get started!

Below, you’ll notice some program listings for online masters programs in education. Check them out! If you spot an Online Masters in K-12 Education program that interests you, click to learn more. You can also contact the school directly. Good luck!

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