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A master’s degree in elementary education might be a top boost to your in-class skills, a professional requirement, or your first foray into the world of teaching. Whatever your end goal may be, earning an elementary education master’s degree may provide you with a firm foundation in the necessary best pedagogical skills to assist and support your students.

Master Degree in Elementary Education

Whether you’re commuting to a local campus, or traveling to a new, exciting location for your degree, you may find a campus masters in elementary education program that is perfect for you!

Elementary Education Master’s Program: The Basics

Elementary education master’s programs may take between 1-3 years to complete, depending on whether the course is accelerated or the student is handling a full-time or part-time course load. Program lengths vary by school.  In terms of previous academic achievement, many programs require applicants to hold a 2.0-3.0 undergraduate GPA and may also require GRE scores. Schools may also ask for letters of recommendation, personal essays, CVs and resumes, and a professional teaching portfolio when applying.

Some schools may offer a teaching licensure program in addition to their master’s degree program. These degrees may be perfectly suited for undergraduates looking to transfer into the teaching field, as they may not require an undergraduate degree in education. Other degree programs may solely accept currently accredited teachers, so be sure to check particular schools’ requirements.

In order to meet some state’s teaching licensure criteria, schools may also require state issued exams prior to admission. Check your school’s admission policies to ensure criteria are met.

DID YOU KNOW? Teachers seek graduate degrees for many reasons, like: to improve their classroom skills, fulfill personal goals, meet state accreditation requirements, or to seek a wage premium. Education admins who have earned their master’s degree have wage premium of $23,000 over their colleagues who earned only a bachelor’s degree[i].

Type of Campus Masters in Elementary Education Programs

If you’ve decided to earn an on-campus elementary education master’s degree, then it’s time to start searching fora perfect program. Thanks to a variety of degree types offered, students could choose a program that addresses their own unique, academic wants and needs. Each type of degree focuses on different facets of education, so you may find one that aligns with your own personal goals.  Understanding the basics of each elementary education master’s degree type might help make your decision easier: 

  • Master of Arts in Teaching focuses primarily on teaching in a classroom setting, making it ideal for current teachers looking to improve their own coursework or those newly entering the field. Classes may focus on general elementary academia, classroom management, and teaching theory.
  • Master of Science in Elementary Education degrees also touch on general K-12 education, but place more emphasis on the research aspect of teaching – delving into the scientific trends of a broader educational system.
  • Master of Education in Elementary Education degree programs may touch on general teaching method, but may place more emphasis on broader academic theories and concepts – often focusing on the implementation of new learning methods into the system.   

Why Study On Campus?

Now that you’ve picked a perfect program, it’s time to find your campus! Studying on a physical campus presents a number of potential benefits. If structured, scheduled classes fit your lifestyle, on-campus learning may be great for you. Classroom learning may also offer individual academic attention, valuable discussion and debate, and collaboration with peers. Not to mention some schools may offer resources such as libraries, technology labs, and career counseling to students studying on campus.  With campuses across the nation, there may be one convenient to your location!

Find a Perfect On-Campus Masters in Elementary Education!

You read everything, so now it’s time to start looking for a perfect on-campus elementary education master’s program. And GradSchools.com is ready to help! Whether you’re looking to find a local campus, or a master’s program in a new city, you can filter your school searches by location by selecting your preferred country, state, or city. To narrow down your search results further, choose your desired elementary education master’s program. Remember, you can remove filters to broaden your search. You might find a perfect campus masters in elementary education program down the street or across the country – a great on-campus elementary education master’s program may be waiting for you!

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