Learn More about Earning a Graduate Degree in Teaching K-12

Earning a Graduate Degree in Teaching K-12

K-12 Classroom TechnologyEducational Technology: The Power of the Digital Learning Environment

Kristen DiCerbo’s career path proves that it’s not always a straight line from point A to a job in which you thrive. Starting out as a psychology and sociology major doesn’t seem like the most direct route to becoming a research scientist for technology in the classroom, especially since her aspirations were to work in academia. But that’s exactly how DiCerbo started out. Her interest in analyzing data and results led her to a career as a research scientist who works to develop learning science principles that help children learn in the classroom.....Read more.

K-12 Education Technology in the ClassroomCreating an Instructional Balance in Today’s Classrooms

As vice president of the educational technology business for Touchjet, harnessing the potential of technology is one of the things that excites Holly DeLeon the most. But she also realizes the dangers of following the popular trends, including the movement toward 1:1 instruction. Instead, she believes that a balance between the use of personal devices and collaborative learning is an important one that teachers need to consider as they seek ways to help their students learn both academically and socially....Read more.

K-12 Education Technology in the ClassroomHow to Bring Technology into the K-12 Classroom

Being an administrator is not the only part of Dr. L. Rob Furman’s job. This elementary school principal in Pennsylvania’s South Park School District realizes that bringing technology to the classroom is not about putting the latest bells and whistles in students’ hands. It’s also about providing teachers with the best technology out there, giving them plenty of time to learn and use it  in order to help all students......Read more.

K-12 Education Technology in the ClassroomTechnology in the Classroom: Bringing the World to the Rural Classroom

Integrating technology into the classroom can be a challenge for veteran teachers.  Cherrie MacInnes shares her story about never being too old to try to something new, and how embracing technology has transformed the way she educates her students......Read more.

K-12 Education Technology in the ClassroomBehind the Scenes of Classroom Technology, Staymobile Keeps Devices Working for Students

When you think about technology in the classroom you might envision school aged children using laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices to complete coursework and communicate with other students and their teachers.  What you might not think about is the operational challenges schools face when tasked with equipping students with the latest in educational technology.  This is where Chuck Morrison, President and CMO of Staymobile and his team are helping schools manage their technological resources.  ......Read more.

clinical vs administrative social workProfessional Development for K-12 Teachers

After teachers have earned their certificate or license, they must develop themselves professionally to maintain their certification or licensure. This professional development for teachers comes in many forms, and teachers often choose from a list of eligible courses set by states, districts, or schools. The process of ongoing recertification and professional development are two of the structures that help ensure the continuous improvement of our public education system.....Read more.


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