Behind the Scenes of Classroom Technology, Staymobile Keeps Devices Working for Students

Interview with Chuck Morrison, President and CMO of Staymobile

When you think about technology in the classroom you might envision school aged children using laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices to complete coursework and communicate with other students and their teachers.  What you might not think about is the operational challenges schools face when tasked with equipping students with the latest in educational technology.  One of these challenges is keeping the machines working and ensuring that the schools technological investments are protected.  This is where Chuck Morrison, President and CMO of Staymobile and his team are helping schools manage their technological resources. 

Staymobile was established in 2009 in Columbia South Carolina and has been expanding its reach ever since.  They are currently operating in 25 locations and are expanding to over 50 before the end of October 2015.  Staymobile provides personal repair services for schools and school districts, as well as providing support in selecting protection plans and selecting accessories to enhance the functionality of technologies used in the modern classroom.

According to Chuck, his teams of highly qualified professional representatives help educational IT professionals manage a school or districts investment in classroom technology so students can enjoy the benefits of a connected classroom for years to come. interviewed Chuck Morrison to learn more about the operational challenges of integrating technology into the classroom and the ways that Staymobile is working to make this process more attainable for schools.

keeping classroom technology safe

GradSchools: Tell us more about the services your company provides?

Staymobile currently covers about 250,000 devices across 50 districts.  We specialize in providing repair service, protection plans and accessories for mobile devices to K-12 schools.  Providing onsite consultation and storefront locations to ensure our clients have convenient access to our team.  Our representatives do more than make recommendations for protection plans – they offer comprehensive solutions that help schools keep their students devices powered up, cleaned, and operating correctly for years to come.

Staymobile offers clients a lifetime warranty on the devices it protects and offers training programs for educational professionals to help them learn about best practices for maintaining the integrity of their schools devices.

GradSchools: What are some of the major concerns of your clients?

Our educational partners are concerned with making sure every device they provide to their students is protected from damage to the best of their ability.  This includes making sure that each device loaned to a student has a case and a screen protector and the device is backed by a solid protection plan that ensures the student will not have to spend weeks waiting for a broken device to be repaired.

We have found that being able to offer timely repair services is very important for our school partners, since more a more schools are replacing textbooks with mobile devices.  Quick turnaround time on repairs is especially important when you consider the fact that about 20% of the devices will need some sort of repair service throughout the course of a school year.

GradSchools: In your opinion, what are some of the top technology trends in the classroom?

Chromebooks, iPads, and Macbooks are the devices that we work with most often.  These are expensive devices that schools entrust to their students.  Their parents and teachers hope that students learn how to responsibly take care of these tools, but when the devices fail or get damaged Staymobile is there to service the device and get the student learning again.

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