Online Masters in International Relations Programs | Masters Degrees in International Relations

Online Masters in International Relations Programs | Masters Degrees in International Relations Program Information

Graduates interested in advanced study and research into issues pertaining to transnational politics, economics, and human rights around the world might find that pursuing an Online Masters in International Development might lead to a variety of potential career paths. Generally, a Master of Arts in International Relations may take 2 years to complete, though it may vary by school or program format. A final capstone project or thesis is usually required.

Masters in International Relations Online Degree Program InformationStudents in online international relations master's programs will take courses in several interdisciplinary topics involved in the complex world of global politics.  International Relations, considered a Social Science Degree, may incorporate anthropology, history, economics, sociology, law, psychology and political science in the context of public or international policy. At the same time, online International Business programs may be found at the Universities or Colleges reputed to have good online MBA professional degrees.

Potential Advantages to Online Masters in International Relations Programs

Busy working adults who seek to advance their knowledge and competencies might find that an online Masters degree in International Relations offers a convenient learning format. Students are able to log into a course management system to study from anywhere in the world in order to complete the international relations degree. This learning format is ideal for those already working internationally, along with self-motivated students and independent workers. Naturally, you will need reliable Internet and access to a computer.

Explore the different programs on Some of your options might include Master of Arts in Diplomacy, Master of Arts in International Development, MSc in

Maritime Affairs, and Master in International Law and Economics.

Specializations in Online Masters Programs in International Relations

A typical curriculum might include foreign policy, methods of negotiation, diplomacy, economics, or a particular geographical area such as Middle East studies. In some programs students may pursue a specialization as part of the Masters in International Relations program. This is a way of personalizing the degree, and honing the skills that are required for the career one aspires to lead. . Some specializations that relate to different professions might include:

  • International public law
  • International trade
  • Comparative politics
  • Economic development theory
  • Conflict resolution
  • Global Terrorism

Potential Career Options in International Relations

Graduates of masters in International Relations programs may pursue a diversity of potential careers that involve diplomacy, international regulations and relationships between countries. While a degree does not guarantee a job, one’s educational path plays a role in potential job outcomes. For instance, graduates interested in international trade and global financial markets might pursue a career as an International Economist. Others might pursue careers as Political Scientists, or Policy Analysts, while those dedicated to academics might pursue faculty roles in Universities or conduct research for businesses, organizations, or government.

FUN FACT:  Some of the reported job titles for political scientists include International Affairs Vice President, State-Federal Relations Deputy Director, and Technical Director

Ready to Pursue Your Online Masters in International Relations?

If you hold a Bachelors degree and aspire to work in a profession with an international focus, you will either need a master’s degree or a PhD. For adults who require a flexible way to learn, an Online Masters in International Relations program might be the best option; start looking into choices on today!

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