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Masters in International Relations on Campus​ Programs | Masters Degrees in International Relations Program Information

Campus Masters in International Relations Degree Program InformationA Masters in International Relations on Campus​ degree may lead to potential career opportunities in negotiation and foreign policy. For those students who already have established careers, advancing your knowledge of international relations may offer a better understanding a geographic region that is central to your work, or be a stepping-stone to a PhD.

International relations, as an academic discipline, is a social science degree, and an interdisciplinary field that might incorporate business, history, economics, sociology, law, psychology and political science in the context of public or international policy.

Students are generally introduced to topics such as:

  • Foreign policy
  • Methods of Negotiation
  • Diplomacy
  • Economics

Some programs allow students to personalize their degree by way of a specialization. Some of these might include:

  • International Economics
  • International Security/terrorism/conflict resolution
  • Global Political theory
  • International Business
  • International Law

Generally a two-year program, an on-campus international relations masters program will entail coursework, research, as well as a final capstone project or thesis.

How To Find Accredited Campus Masters in International Relations Program

If you are looking for an accredited on-campus masters program in International Relations, has easy to use search tools. A location search will yield listings based on the city, state, or country you choose. Some of these options might include: Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations, MA International Political Economy, Masters in International Trade and Economic Diplomacy, or MS International Studies.

One of the potential advantages to the

traditional college campus experience is that students enjoy face-to-face interaction with other students and professors, so if you generally value hands-on learning and group work this might be the best option. Not to mention, that you get to take advantage of campus services and facilities, such as the gyms, libraries and possibly career counseling or social services.

Accreditation For International Relations Colleges and Universities

Accredited business schools known for their MBA programs run some International Relations Masters programs. It is wise to verify other schools on your list to see whether it, too, is accredited. Accreditation requires a third-party peer-review, and may ensure the quality of your degree. Also, accredited schools are eligible for federal financial aid, and may be more recognized by future employers than non-accredited ones. A good resource is the US Department of Education database.

Explore a Career in International Relations

Graduates holding a Masters Degree in International Relations may need to pursue further doctoral studies to achieve their end-run career aspirations. These careers may involve diplomacy, international regulations and relationships between countries. Some of the potential professions might include:

  • Political Scientists
  • Policy Analysts
  • International Economists
  • Postsecondary Teachers
  • International Affairs Vice President
  • State-Federal Relations Deputy Director

FUN FACT: Organizations that research or advocate for specific causes, such as immigration, healthcare, or the environment, need political scientists to analyze policies relating to their field.

Ready to Pursue a Masters in International Relations on Campus degree?

With such a broad field, and so many different specializations, a Masters in International Relations on Campus program has a lot to offer returning students and current professionals looking for advanced qualification. Start looking into accredited schools on today!

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