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Hybrid Masters in International Relations Programs | Masters Degrees in International Relations Program Information

A Hybrid Masters in International Relations Degree Program combines the best of an online course curriculum with college campus coursework in a low residency format. While each school may have a different curriculum or format, web-based learning allows students to study at their convenience, from wherever they are located.  Campus coursework provide opportunity to interact, have hands on learning experience, and benefit from the universities’ facilities and services.

Masters in International Relations Hybrid Degree Program InformationOn average, a master’s degree in International Relations may take 2 years and involve a thesis or capstone project. Review accredited Hybrid programs using easy to use search tools. For instance, some of the choices might include Masters in International Trade and Economic Diplomacy or MSSc degrees.

International Relations Masters Degrees Potential Coursework

Students enrolled in International Relations graduate programs research and study issues pertaining to subjects such as transnational politics, international economics, and human rights.

International relations, or international affairs, are a component of political science that studies relationships among countries, the roles of sovereign states, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, and multinational corporations. As an interdisciplinary field, students may be exposed to a variety of topics that pertain to the world of global politics. International Relations is a great field of study for the student interested in both public policy and political science.

International Relations Masters Degree Specializations

There are a variety of specializations and reasons to specialize. For instance, if you are a current professional, you might gain valuable insight and credentials by fine-tuning your skills in a certain geographical area, such as the Middle East. Or, perhaps you are aspiring to a career as an International Economist and specializing in international trade and the impact of tariffs will give you the expertise you need to excel in the field. Some of the common concentrations are:

  • International Public law
  • International Trade
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Security

Possible Career Options for International relations graduates

Earning a Masters in International Relations does not prepare students for a specific role, the way an accounting program would, but it certainly offers potential opportunities. Some graduates become policy analysts, political scientists, move on to academia or research jobs, or take on roles in International Economics, or business. Some jobs are open to candidates with PhD International Relations education, so a Master’s degree may be part of the process in reaching those particular goals. ONet reports that 78% of political scientists hold Doctorates compared to 17% with Masters Degrees.

Important Qualities of Political Scientists

Political scientists use both qualitative and quantitative research methods and ideally possess strong analytical and critical thinking skills. Often they may be writing and researching papers, so having good writing and communication skills is beneficial. Political Scientists are intellectually curious, and stay current with international affairs.

Ready To Pursue a Hybrid Masters in International Relations?

Whether you are interested in a hybrid International Relations Masters program as a way to maintain a current job while preparing for advancement, prepare for future studies, or gain competence for a future career with an International focus, review masters degrees programs on today!

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