Online Masters Programs in International Business

Online masters programs in international business seek to help students develop skills and knowledge to address and overcome challenges in global business transactions. By pursuing this degree online, you may have the chance to conveniently study the ins and outs of foreign business practices on your own schedule. You might examine topics such as international management, negotiating tactics, and cultural, economic, and legal variations between countries and regions. Studying these subjects could help you facilitate things like trade deals and competently interact with the global economy.

Not only could you study these subjects in your classes, but the digital classroom might also provide international perspectives from your peers themselves. Whether you’re new to the business field, or a returning student, there could be an online masters in international business program to help you pursue a career in the global marketplace.

Why Earn Your International Business Masters Degree Online?

Earning an online masters in international business could be a convenient way to build your business acumen. This may be especially true if you’re a current professional and may not be able to attend normal class times. Since much of an online international business masters program relies on textbooks, data analysis, and real-world studies, the curriculum may transfer easily to the digital classroom. This way, you could maintain your current lifestyle while pursuing your masters degree. But, earning your masters degree online could be more than just convenient. Below are a few more potential benefits.
  • An online masters in international business could allow you to work with students from around the globe. Usually, a campus might limit you to working with students in your area. The digital classroom, on the other hand, might connect you with a network of people from a variety of places. This may go hand in hand with your international business education! Even in the classroom, you could get a glimpse of different business practices from your peers (or professors!).
  • Many international business practices happen thanks to digital communications. Things like video chat may help bridge gaps in the global marketplace. By earning your international business masters online, you could have the chance to work with this technology firsthand. As part of your classes, you may have to use video messaging, instant chats, and class forums to complete projects or speak with professors. This is great way to interact with vital technology you could be working with after graduation.
International Business Masters Online

Potential Online Masters Programs in International Business: Curriculum

As mentioned above, an online MBA program in international business could help you develop a skillset to facilitate transactions between countries. To do this, programs may offer comprehensive coursework to address many aspects of global business transactions. For example, it could include supply chains, laws, negotiating practices, marketing, and even fiscal differences. While you may have tackled similar courses in an undergraduate degree, these courses are tailored to the international scope. During a masters program, you might have the chance to take part in some of the following classes.
  • International Economics
  • International Marketing
  • Cultural Environment of International Business
  • International Business Law
  • Global Business Management
  • International Negotiations
  • International Supply Chain Management
Depending on your chosen online program, these courses could add up to around 30 to 39 credit hours. This means students could potentially earn an online masters in international business in 1.5 to 2 years. Program lengths and courses vary.

Choosing an Online International Business Masters Program

Online international business masters programs are offered in a variety of way to address the needs of beginner and veteran students alike. For example, a new business student might not have an undergraduate degree in a related field. This mean they may require fundamental business courses on top of their international studies. Others may wish to jump straight into focused content. Read below for more information on what online masters in international business might be suited to your experience.

Online Masters in International Business (MIB) Programs

Online masters in international business (MIB) programs typically build upon a foundation of business knowledge developed in a related bachelors degree. This way, classes might be able to focus more heavily on global concepts as opposed to basic business material. Due to this, the MIB may be a great choice for students who have already earned their bachelor’s in business.

Online Masters in Business Administration Programs: International Business Concentration

The masters of business administration (MBA) program with an international business concentration might be better suited to those earning their first business related degree. This holistic program may cover both business fundamentals as well as specific topics in international business. This might be great for students who want to earn a general business degree, but also want to expand their horizons with international curriculum.

Other Online Masters in International Business Programs

Of course, online international business masters programs are not limited to the above-mentioned options. In fact, there are a variety of programs that fall into the international business category that cover similar curriculum. For example, in your research you may come across programs in the following areas.

  • Global Management
  • International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • International Marketing Management
  • Global Leadership
  • International Relations
Each of these may teach how to effectively interact with the global market. Keep your eyes out for key words such as “global” and “international” when looking at perspective business degrees. These are only a few choices for online international business masters. Speak with schools for more information about their specific offerings.

Applying to Online International Business Masters

For admissions, many online international business masters programs first look at your undergraduate experience. Usually, they may ask students to submit a 3.0 bachelors GPA in addition to GRE/GMAT scores. In some instances, schools may also require students to have already earned a bachelors of business. New students shouldn’t be discouraged. As stated above, some schools may also accept students with an unrelated bachelors degree. Admissions differ by school. Be sure to speak with potential programs for more details.

Potential International Business Careers

Students who earn an online masters in international business may be interested in helping companies bridge gaps between foreign markets. To do that, students may choose to pursue some of the following professions. Also listed are their respective 2015 median salary.
  • Financial Manager, $117,990i
  • Marketing Manager, $124,850ii
  • Management Analyst, $81,320iii
These positions may require candidates to have earned a bachelors in a related business field. But, employers may look for advanced masters coursework because it could demonstrate a better understanding of advanced business concepts. This may be especially important for financial manager positions.i

Find a Perfect Online Masters in International Business

The digital classroom could place you in the midst of a global market with an online masters in international business. Much like your future business deals, a perfect program might only be a few clicks away! Browse the list of potential programs on this page. Found one that you’re interested in? Click its link to read a brief description about the program. You could then request more information from the school itself. This could provide you with important details like admissions deadlines, curriculum, and graduation requirements. Good luck!
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