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Masters in Interior Design on Campus​ Programs Overview

If a potential career as an Interior Designer is where your heart is set, enrolling in a Masters in Interior Design on Campus​ program may help you develop professionally and to stay current with emerging trends in the field. Students choosing to pursue a master's in interior design degree are likely to learn sustainable design practices, new developments in technology, innovative ways to address social changes and new client needs, as well as advanced design concepts, interior design technology, and interior design business theory.

FUN FACT: By specializing in a unique area of design, interior designers can use their knowledge of products to better fulfill customer requests.[i]

Masters in Interior Design Campus Degree Program Information

Why Study Interior Design on Campus?

Whereas an online program may work for students who are self-motivated or work well independently, campus masters programs in Interior Design are sure to appeal to students who thrive on group creativity and interactions. Also, with the current array of software utilized in interior design, studying on campus gives you access to the school’s facilities and resources, not to mention you get the opportunity to network and participate in the college activities.

Is Accreditation and Licensure For Interior Design Schools Important?

The National Association of Schools of Art and Design accredit the Interior Design Masters Program. If the program fulfills the education requirement it will qualify graduates to sit for the National Council of Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) professional licensing exam. Licensure requirements for interior design professionals vary by state.

How to Find a College, University or Interior Design School

Searching for Interior Design Masters Programs and Schools is simple and organized using the different tools. A location

search may be a good place to begin, as you can determine which city, state or country has a program that aligns with your goals. Once you see a prospective program, request information from the school to find out about format and curriculum.

Interior Design Masters Programs Potential Coursework

The curriculum for a masters program will likely vary whether it is designated MS, MA or MFA Interior Design. Some of the courses that students might explore may include:

  • Advanced design concepts
  • Research relevant to design issues
  • Practical design courses
  • Drawing
  • Interior lighting
  • Color theory
  • Furniture design
  • Interior materials
  • Human response and interior environments

Students may also be encouraged to find a specialization, which may help them find or cultivate a career niche. Potential concentrations in the field include:

  • Corporate interior
  • Residential interiors
  • Sustainable design
  • Healthcare interiors.
  • Kitchen & Bath design

Ready To Pursue a Masters in Interior Design on Campus?

According to the BLS, keeping up to date with the latest design tools such as three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) software, will improve one’s job prospects. While Interior designers usually need a bachelor’s degree with a focus on interior design, taking your education to the next level may help you hone vital skills and excel in the marketplace. Why not search for Interior Design Schools with Masters degree programs on today!

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