Human Resources Internships

Benefits of Human Resources Internships

Human Resources InternshipsPotential human resources internships opportunities might exist at companies of varying size, a non-profit entity, a government organization or even at a business run by a single proprietor. There are many potential benefits that might be gained from pursuing human resources internships. Perhaps one of the most vital benefits of participating in a human resources internship is the ability explore the industry and discover which aspect of human resources is the best fit for you.

Human resources internships may be a good way for students to gain first-hand experience in the human resources field that academic study alone cannot fully provide. Students who enter and complete human resources internships are likely to be able to work in a real life HR office setting where they can get training and experience executing typical HR duties. Most human resources internships also provide a training component for their interns which give the students the chance to get on the job training that a real human resources professional would receive. Students who complete human resources internships also have the chance to work in different areas of HR like training, compensation, hiring, compliance, and benefits administration. This may be an opportunity for students to discover whether or not HR is the field for them, and which area of HR practice interests them most.

Another priceless benefit of human resources internships is the ability to get your foot in the door at a company or organization that you would not otherwise have had access to and potentially make connections that might help enhance future potential professional opportunities. Many companies prefer to employ individuals who have completed an internship program with the company since the company will already have a good idea of the candidates work style and skill set.

Human Resources Resume

Students who wish to pursue human resources internships must first perfect their resume so that they can have the best possible chance of being considered for the job. Students should use their human resources resume to showcase their strengths and highlight skills and related experience in order illustrate their achievements and capabilities.

Most resumes submitted by students interested in pursuing human resources internships include an objective section which will contain the student’s goals in obtaining and completing the internship. Other sections of the resume should showcase the student’s academic achievements as well as any previous related professional experiences as well as any volunteer work or activity related to human resources.

Students who wish to pursue human resources internships should also look for weaknesses in their human resources resume prior to beginning their undergraduate or graduate degree program and use their time at school to fill the gaps in their resumes. Students can develop their resume by participating in activities, pursuing new employment opportunities, or taking part in volunteer opportunities that might help them flesh out weaker points of their resume.

Human Resources Management Graduate Programs

About the Author: Svetlana Pham is a New Jersey based freelance writer. She has a BA in English from Rutgers University and an J.D. from New York Law School.

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