Houston Masters in Business Education & Corporate Education Programs

What exactly is a masters in business education? With this type of degree, you may learn advanced business knowledge and computer skills, as well as become an instructor.

There's always room for greater efficiency and more effective leaders in the business world - both for private and public companies. CEOs and corporate boards have been squeezed by new-age pressures such as social media acceptance and sustainability that have pushed the business pillars of accountability, efficiency and transparency to the forefront. Some of the most successful companies evolve by a great degree on a regular basis, and they rely on educated business and corporate professionals to lead the way.

With this in mind, it's the job of the business and corporate educator to seamlessly meld the tried-and-true stakeholder-driven objectives of the classic company with the critical methods of solving today's most critical challenges faced by corporate boards. A graduate degree in business and corporate education, may prepare these leaders to lay the foundation for tomorrow's greatest modern businesses.

Business and Corporate Education Master’s Degree Curriclum

Students pursuing business and corporate education may be taught the basics of leadership, management and corporate board responsibilities to learn the best methods of facing new business hurdles while developing employee talent and thereby enhancing the value of the organization. This is the core responsibility of an individual that pursues a career in business and corporate education. Students may be taught how to effectively plan, direct and coordinate company learning programs as well as manage a staff of other professionals that work to cultivate this same nurturing environment.

Business and Corporate Education Salary Potential and Job Outlook

While many business and corporate education graduate degree programs are versatile enough to teach you how to benefit nearly any business or corporate agency, the options for employment may be wide in scope. There are many different career paths that may interest you. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, training and development managers earned a 2012 median annual salary of $95,400, with jobs expected to grow by 11 percent through 20221. In the same vein, the BLS reported that human resources managers earned a 2012 median annual salary of $99,720, with jobs expected to grow by 13 percent through 20222.

For higher-level thinkers, a broader form of management may become interesting. For these students, graduate courses in business and corporate education may offer valuable insight into the top executive position. Top executives earned a BLS-reported 2012 median annual salary of $101,650, with jobs expected to grow by 11 percent through 20223.

Is Earning a Master’s Degree in Business and Corporate Education Right for You?

Business and corporate educators are often essential to the smooth functioning of some of the world's largest and smallest businesses. They aim to make learning and adjusting to the outside challenges of the organization an area of constant maintenance. With this philosophy, these big thinkers pave the way for more efficient workplaces with the most capable and reliable staff. They carry the tools necessary to keep the office from turning stagnant and inflexible to the changing world.





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