Online Masters in Hospitality Management Programs | MBA Hospitality Management Degrees

Online Masters in Hospitality Management & Hotel Management Programs Overview

Busy working professionals might consider an online Masters in Hospitality Program as a convenient way to advance their education and prepare for a variety of potential roles in the extensive hospitality industry. With the strides in educational technology, distance learners are able to complete assignments, view lectures and interact with classmates or faculty using a variety of digital tools within an online classroom environment. Some courses may require participation in class discussions via message boards, chat rooms or even live Web classes utilizing conferencing technology. This means that one is able to study from anywhere they are set up with a computer and reliable Internet.

Hospitality Management includes diverse industries and businesses, such as hotel management, and the growing trend amongst employers is to favor candidates with formal and relevant education and job experience. For upper level management positions, such as working in an upscale hotel or restaurant, extensive work experience is often required.

Selecting an Online Masters Program in Hospitality Management

For students who work well independently, earning a masters degree in hospitality management online may be a great alternative to studying full-time on campus. If this sounds right to you, start reviewing your options on to find an online hospitality management program that is accredited and aligns with your interests. Students may verify whether the program they are selecting is accredited with the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration.

Some of the listings you might browse through may include online Master of Tourism Management (MTM), online Master of Science in Entertainment Business and Master of Business Administration in Hospitality Management.

Online Hospitality Management Masters Degree Program Information

Common Coursework in Online Masters Programs in Hospitality Management

Many of the top schools have online graduate programs that mirror their on-campus ones, though it is always preferable for applying or interested students to request the details from the school they are considering. Coursework often varies depending on the program; an MBA in Hospitality Management might offer a different program structure to that of a Master of Science by focusing on entrepreneurship and strategic leadership skills for example. Some of the basic courses that students might expect to explore may include:
  • Introduction to hospitality management
  • Facility management and
  • Tourism convention management
  • Hospitality planning and business models
  • Marketing
  • Decision analysis in hospitality.
Students who choose to specialize in one specific area should expect to find courses that focus just on their specialization. Some of these possible areas of concentration include the following:
  • Hotel management
  • Restaurant management
  • Resort management
  • Casino management
  • Club management
  • Food and beverage management
  • Lodging management
Some Online Masters in Hospitality Management programs expect students to complete a thesis, but some distance learning programs require or give the option to complete a final comprehensive project and/or complete additional coursework as alternatives.

Jobs For Masters in Hospitality Management Graduates

The many aspects of the hospitality industry translate to a variety of potential career paths that may include:
  • Top Executive Roles
  • General and Operations Managers
  • Human resources Managers
  • Food Service managers
  • Marketing Managers

FUN FACT: Some food service companies, hotels, and restaurant chains recruit management trainees from college hospitality or food service management programs. Some of these programs may require students to work in internships and to have real-life food industry-related experiences in order to graduate.

Ready to Pursue an Online Masters in Hospitality Management degree?

If you have already been working in one of the hospitality industries and are seeking to advance into a senior position, or you aspire to a leadership role, what may set you apart from other candidates is your perspective and a quality education that demonstrates your diligence and competence. Since a large number of people in the hospitality industry have associate’s or bachelor’s degrees, an Online Masters in Hospitality Management may potentially open a new level of jobs and positions to you. Start reviewing your options on today!

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