District of Columbia Masters in Homeland Security and National Defense On Campus Degrees

Masters in Homeland Security and National Defense On Campus Degree Information

A masters in homeland security and national defense on campus program could help you with a Homeland Security career. National defenders stand among some of the country's most highly respected - and widely revered - members. Whether employed by the armed services, the federal government or local law enforcement agencies, these individuals are integral players in the nation's security endeavors.

Why Pursue a Masters in Homeland Security and National Defense On Campus?

If you've ever contemplated working for the government, or you've wondered what type of career would permit you the ability to give back to your country, it may be worthwhile to learn more about pursuing a masters in homeland security and nationa defense on campus degree. Since these departments cover such an expansive range of responsibilities, there are often career paths to accommodate a wide range of talents and interests.

Common Coursework for Masters in Homeland Security and National Defense on Campus Programs

From forensics to data analysis, those looking to pursue an educational path catered toward homeland security and national defense may be well-suited for study across many different disciplines. Individuals who are looking to pursue careers behind the scenes for national defense might choose to look into a campus degree that will provide them with operational and task knowledge, such as a Campus Master of Arts in strategic intelligence studies or am a Campus Master of Science in cybersecurity. Those looking for degrees to help prepare them for management rolls within certain national defense departments may want to pursue diplomas within specialized disciplines, such as a Campus Master in Public Administration with a concentration in homeland security.

Depending on the type of a Campus degree you choose to pursue, your coursework will differ. Those studying forensics or cybersecurity will learn more technical subjects, like math and science, while those pursuing analytical or psychology-based roles will venture more toward courses in the humanities and social sciences.

Potential Career Opportunities for Individuals with Masters in Homeland Security and National Defense on Campus Degree

Homeland security and national defense encompasses a wide range of departments, roles and responsibilities, meaning the potential career options may be vast. Those who are intrigued by the prospect of working in the realm of cybersecurity may be well-suited for a career as an information security analyst. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that the 2012 median annual pay for these workers was $86,170.[i] Similar positions yield comparable salaries - the 2012 median annual salary for computer systems analysts was $79,680[ii].

Those who have pursued a masters in homeland security and national defense on campus degree that helps prepare them for pursuing careers in homeland security and national defense may pursue employment in the various departments run by the federal. The BLS reported that employees working for the Transportation Security Administration had a mean national estimate of $45,790 in 2013[iii].

Is Earning a Campus Graduate Degree in Homeland Security Right for You?

Since some of the careers that fall under the homeland and national defense umbrella tend to be highly specialized by nature, a degree in one particular discipline may be crucial for providing future employees with the essential learning blocks necessary for enhancing in the occupation at hand. Individuals interested in pursuing careers for the government in a defensive capacity may be well-suited for such degrees. Taking a Homeland Security Degree at a  campus could also increase your network and lead to more Homeland Security jobs.

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