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Online Masters In History Programs | Masters Degrees in History Overview

Busy working professionals or graduate students interested in advancing their education in History through distance-learning might find that an Online Masters in History program is a convenient alternative to campus study.

Masters in History Online Degree Program Information

Educational technology has made strides, and online history masters programs offer students who may not live in proximity to a college campus, or cannot manage to schedule their time to factor in a commute a way to fit education into an already full life. Typically, students log into a course management system when they are able, and use virtual libraries to conduct research. Digital tools provide different ways to stay in contact with professors and virtual classmates.

Search for online masters in history programs by scrolling through the listings on the site. One of the great advantages to this is you get to request information from each school to determine if the curriculum, tuition, faculty and other factors are in line with your goals. Some of these listings might include: MA in History – Military History, or Masters of Arts-History and Culture.

SEARCH TIP: Since some master’s programs may entail an internship, make sure to determine how this component might factor into an online study program.

Specializations in Online History Masters Programs

At the master’s degree level, it is quite common for students to have a particular area, time period, or subject in history that they are looking to advance their knowledge in.

Master’s in History degree programs might cover anything from ancient to modern world history. There is typically some discussion of how past events have affected the present; they may examine how history has impacted gender and race relations, politics and society. Students learn to research and historical events into a context, gather data, write reports and share information with scholars or the public.

Some online masters degree in history may be designed to lead into Ph.D. programs. Doctoral programs typically take 5-8 years to complete, and are a prerequisite for advanced careers in academia, especially when there is fierce competition for jobs.[i]

FUN FACT: Although most historian positions require a master’s degree, some research positions require a doctoral degree. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree may qualify for some entry-level positions, but most will not be traditional historian jobs.[ii]

While curriculum and coursework vary by school and degree concentration, online history masters programs are likely to be research intensive, and you may also learn research methodologies for historians, as well as archival methods and editing for historical writing. If you are approaching your degree from the perspective of teaching the subject to others, your curriculum may incorporate teaching methodology as well.

Potential Careers for Masters in History Graduates

Historians are researchers who analyze, interpret and present their findings on the past by studying historical documents and other sources. Historians are employed by local, federal and state governments, as well as by scientific research and development services, architectural, and engineering services, and by museums, historical sites, and other institutions.[iii]

Other historians might choose a career in academia, as there continues to be a need for history teachers. Recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data indicate a 10% projected growth in employment for postsecondary history teachers between 2014 and 2024.

Another potential career path is to become an Archivist, Museum Curator or Conservator. These are also positions that generally require a master’s degree.

FUN FACT: In government, some historians conduct research to provide historical context for current policy issues, such as researching the history of Social Security as background for a new bill or upcoming funding debate. Some are writers who record the history of a particular government agency, activity, or program, such as a military operation or the space program.

Ready To Search For an Online Masters in History Program

Are you interested in advanced studies in history from the standpoint of appraising or preserving antique documents? Do you envision passing on your expertise in history to a student population, or potentially working on government policy? Is so, perhaps an online masters degree in history would be a rewarding academic and vocational pursuit. Check into your options on today!

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