Historian Career Benefits

Historian Career Benefits? Yes, we highlight many tangible and intangible benefits of a career as a historian in this article.

Why Being a Historian Might be an Awesome Career Choice

If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely already discovered that historians are much more than the stereotypical tweed jacket-wearing intellectuals who spend their days surrounded by dusty books and ancient artifacts. Historians are critical thinkers curious about the past and aware of its influence on the present and future. They are often world-travelers, and they have expansive knowledge, interests, and capacities for thinking about local, regional, and global issues. Historians can be researchers, story-tellers, educators, and global change-makers, sometimes all at once.

If being a highly intelligent, adventurous, and critically-thinking person isn’t enough, here are some more great reasons to pursue a career as a historian:

Historians might have access to opportunities that enable them to work and travel throughout the world.

Thanks to the concept of time, history exists throughout the world, and most people and places around the globe are curious about their pasts and how it relates to their futures. Therefore, one of the fun Historian Career Benefits is that historians spend time researching, working, and affecting change in various regions throughout the world. Historians may visit, frequent, or live in some of their favorite places in the world because the “have to” for their jobs.

Historians study a variety of really interesting things.

Historians have lots of choices in terms of what they study in school and on the job. They can focus on location, era, or subject and ask and answer questions from sociological, anthropological, political, economic, or other perspectives; they can look at the world from a broad perspective or more narrow ones; and they can apply their knowledge of history to various applications and perspectives. And, because the world keeps moving forward, there are always new historical contexts to explore and analyze.

Historians help explain what is happening in the world.

While historians are often times behind the scenes in local, regional, and global research and change, they are indeed there, often times in service to those who work in a more public way. Historians inform people such as politicians, capitalists, activists, and change-makers of relevant history and help them effectively make change. Historians also help people make sense of the world; numerous stories are told through various perspectives in history, and the collection of such stories help people understand what is happening in the world today.

Historians work in a many capacities.

Another of the Historian Career Benefits is that Historians, especially those with graduate degrees, can pursue potential career opportunities in numerous capacities. They might pursue careers as educators in primary, middle, high school, or colleges and universities; researchers at universities, institutes, or other public or private organizations; consultants to governments, private corporations, or entertainers (they may, for example, serve as consultants to directors making a movie or television show or an author writing a book); archivists, curators, or librarians; or in many other capacities. Historians enjoy a range of potential employment opportunities and often times work in multiple capacities at once.

Historians create meaning.

Historians do so much more than state facts and regurgitate old information. Historians analyze evidence, events, and circumstances and consider different possibilities for outcomes yet to pass. They also consider alternative histories and how stories of the past might have been misinterpreted or told from a limited or biased perspective. Historians often ask people to consider new perspectives of old events and, ultimately, to see the world newly.

If you are interested in the many Historian Career Benefits and earning a graduate degree in history keep your mind open to the many potential opportunities that may become available to you throughout your studies and career pursuits. Historians are important for connecting our past with the present and future, and they may have opportunities to do so in exciting and interesting ways.

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