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Online Masters in Higher Education programs provide working students with an alternative to attending class on campus. Take courses that might pave the way for you to pursue a potential career in student services, academic affairs or college teaching.

Online Masters in Higher Education

What is an Online Masters in Higher Education Degree?

An online Masters in Higher Education degree might prepare graduates to pursue administrative leadership within postsecondary settings. Higher education administration is a broad field. You know this from your own years at college. Perhaps you have met registrars, been assisted with student housing or needed academic advising. You may have had interviews, applied for student aid or listened to your Dean of students give a motivating speech. Aside from these professionals, someone is behind-the-scenes making sure the college meets higher education laws. That there is a budget. Program curriculums are relevant. It takes a village!

DID YOU KNOW? In 2014, per DATA USA, 2,837 students graduated with a Master’s degree in Higher Education and Administration.i

Online Higher Education Masters Programs: The Basics

To apply into Higher Education Masters programs, students commonly need a Bachelors degree from an accredited institution. Other requirements vary. Most programs take between two to three years to complete. However, to play up the convenience of distance education, some programs are accelerated. If condensed and intensive is too speedy, you can look for a part-time online HE degree program. Aside from that, expect curriculums that include several components:

  • Core courses
  • Concentration areas and or electives
  • Research
  • Practicum and or internship
  • Optional thesis

Online Masters in Education Administration: Potential Courses

It can be exciting to survey various online Masters programs for education administration. Check out syllabuses. Look at faculty. See if your prospective university has any interesting research projects underway. What might you study in online Masters Higher Education programs? Programs often explore advanced concepts, issues and techniques that are relevant for today’s managers within educational institutions. You may also delve into foundational areas of education such as the history or philosophy of education. Some generalized topics might include courses in the following;

  • Learning and assessment
  • Student development in higher education
  • Pedagogical approaches
  • Technology for Educators
  • Educational Leadership
  • Psychology of Learning
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Education

Online MA, MSEd or MEd Higher Education?

There are several online Masters in Higher Education Administration degrees to weigh against your objectives. Three of these Masters degrees are;

  • Online Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration
  • Online Master of Education: Higher Education Administration
  • Online Master of Science in Higher Education

Online Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration

The online MA in higher education may develop an understanding of principles and practices specific to teaching and administration roles within postsecondary settings. Learning outcomes might include how to apply administrative skills to higher education finance or faculty supervision. Students also learn research methods and statistics. Those who choose to complete a Master’s thesis acquire a level of thought, writing and analysis. These skills are needed to fulfill doctoral-level course requirements and a dissertation. So, if you are thinking ahead to a PhD in Higher Education, this might be an option.

Online Master of Education in Higher Education Administration

The online MEd in higher education is designed for students who wish to advance to leadership positions. It is generally thought of as a practitioner degree. In fact, in some states, a MEd is a requirement for entry-year teachers seeking a teaching license. (State requirements vary.) That stated, the Master of Education in higher ed administration is designed for students who have their sights on the non-academic aspects of higher education. Students may have to research and produce a capstone project. There may also be an opportunity to choose a concentration. Topics vary by school. Often they range from higher education finance, to student enrollment or student learning. You may also find an online MEd in higher education and student affairs.

Online Master of Science in Higher Education

Whereas the online MA may be theoretical in its focus, an online MSED in higher education may have a practical focus. For instance, you might learn to apply theories of student development and learning into programming. Or you may learn skills for translating statistics into student advising or college policy-making. Some programs may suit current educators who want to move into college teaching, administration and leadership or student affairs. Often one is able to tailor a degree to one’s interests through a concentration of courses. So, let’s say you wanted to teach adult learners. You might pursue an MSED in higher education and choose a program where this emphasis was offered.

Why Consider an Online Masters in Higher Education Degree?

With minimal disruption to your busy schedule, an online Masters in Higher Education degree might help you get an A+ on achieving your goals. Essentially, distance education provides the flexibility of studying on your schedule. Within that, each school has its own program structure. You could be looking at an online university or a traditional school with online programs. Not sure how to read between the lines? Some terminology is straightforward. And, you might see some common phrases like ‘rolling admission’s or ‘applications are submitted electronically’. Here are a few pointers to keep you ‘in-the-loop’;

  • Synchronous programs involve logging into a live lecture. You have to ‘show up’ but you can do this without going to the university campus. Remember, digital tools make this a great way to participate in discussion without physically displacing yourself to do so.
  • Asynchronous programs are ones where you access pre-recorded material. It could be modules. It could be lectures. The gist is your material is waiting for you anytime.
  • You still have deadlines, but you usually submit work online.
  • You may still have to fulfill internship requirements in an in-person setting.
  • Online libraries, e-books and web-based resources may replace or supplement textbooks.
  • Faculty support is something to vet your prospective school for, but there are usually different ways to reach out for assistance. And, online group forums help you connect to other students attending the virtual campus with you.

Accreditation and Your Online MA, MEd or MSEd Degree

It is smart thinking if you are wondering whether online schools with Masters in Higher Education degrees are accredited. At the institutional level, many universities and colleges are regionally accredited. Since there are six regions, you may see “accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools” Or, you may see “accredited through the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Some specific programs may be accredited through other governing bodies. The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) is one such agency.

Take the Next Step

In just a few moments, you could find an online Masters degree in Higher Education Administration. Review our directory of sponsored listings. Then, submit a form to request more information. While you may see a few listings for the same degree tracks, each university has unique features. Get to know them and make an educated decision about your online Masters in higher education administration degree. Take the next step today.

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