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Online Masters in Gerontology Degree Information

Students in an online masters in gerontology programs examine the elderly and the effect that aging populations have on public policy and society. Earning an online Master’s in Gerontology is a unique and useful opportunity for many potential students. Online options allow for greater flexibility in working while studying and completing coursework at leisure. Earning an online degree in gerontology offers numerous benefits and exciting opportunities to learn about interesting subjects.

Online Gerontology Masters Program Information

Common Courses in Online Masters in Gerontology Degree Programs

Some online masters in gerontology degree programs consist of specific core courses that provide an introduction to the subject and a glance at physiology, psychology, sociology, and research methods related to aging. There may also be a number of elective courses available in a wide variety of liberal arts and science fields. Part of these studies may include research courses and work on a master’s thesis or project. Some programs may provide students with the option to do either one while others may specifically require either a thesis or a project.

Online programs may allow a certain amount of flexibility for completion depending on the institution. If a thesis or project is still required before the degree is awarded, however, there may be a need to spend a certain amount of time on the campus, if for nothing but the proposal and defense.

For those who may have a different degree focus related to the field of gerontology, many of the courses provided for the master’s program may be available as a specialization in another degree or as an elective. Thanks to the flexibility afforded by many online courses, students who choose to complete studies online may have an easier time taking gerontology courses, even if they are not related to the degree

being sought.

Concentration Options in Online Masters in Gerontology Degree Programs

As students delve further into the subject matter of gerontology, it becomes clearer that there are many different areas of study affected by the aging population. With such a wide range of effect, it’s natural for many students to focus on a specific area in order to gain an advanced understanding of the aging population and its effect on society or vice versa. Areas of concentration vary depending on the end goal of the student. Concentration areas may include such topics as:

  • Leadership and management
  • Healthcare
  • Security
  • Public administration, health, policy, and safety
  • Forensics

Pursuing potential career opportunities in any of these areas may depend largely on additional education that the student receives. Earning a degree in gerontology may be beneficial to secure positions that work with aging populations. However, additional education may be required for specific positions in such areas as healthcare, public administration, and forensics.

Related Fields of Study

Because many careers and individuals view studies in gerontology as a specialization in its own right, there are several different areas of study that are related to it. No matter if a student’s primary goal is to study effects of an aging population or to work in a specific field in order to serve the elderly, studies in gerontology may benefit related fields of study such as:

  • Healthcare – The aging population is increasing at a fast rate, which means there is also a need for more doctors and nurses who are well versed in caring for the elderly. Older individuals may also require more assistance in making sure their medical needs are met, which is why healthcare management in relation to gerontology is also a field that is becoming more and more in demand.
  • Social Work – There are a number of conditions that affect elderly individuals, from depression to Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Social workers may become more and more necessary to ensure that the aging population is receiving the help it needs to maintain the mental and physical well-being of each individual.
  • Public Service – The aging population is bound to have a direct influence of public policies. Graduates interested in effecting change in their immediate communities may benefit from studying gerontology so as to keep in minds the needs and effects that the elderly have on communities. This allows those who desire to serve in the public sector to more adequately represent the needs of their communities.

There are many different benefits to dedicating oneself to the study of gerontology. Viewed by many as its own unique concentration, earning an online Masters in Gerontology online is one way to enhance career opportunities and personal views on how the world is affected by the aging population. There is going to be greater demand over the years for individuals who understand the various effects the aging population may have on society. Anyone who desires to work in any career that is related to the elderly in any way may benefit from completing some coursework in gerontology, if not an entire degree.

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