What is an MFA?

Are you asking yourself, "What is an MFA?" An MFA, or Master of Fine Arts, is a graduate degree in the practice of various arts. Dancers, actors, designers, visual artists, and writers can all earn an MFA. In their studies, they hone the skills needed for their craft, learn about teaching their craft to others, and develop their own artistic voices. They usually take some courses in the history and theory of their art, but their focus is on improving the practical skills needed to work as an artist.

How Is The MFA Different From Other Master’s Programs

An MFA differs from most other master’s degrees because it is a terminal degree. Doctoral degrees in the fine arts are designed for those who want to analyze and write about the arts; they are not typically for people who want to perform and create or for those who want to teach these practical artistic skills to others.

What Can You Do With an MFA

Those who earn an MFA usually go on to practice their art and/or teach others to do so. After two or three years of full-time immersion in their artistic work, graduates might be prepared to pursue potential career opportunities in the professional art world. They might also become prepared to pursuing teaching, including courses at the college level.

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