Fine Arts Careers

People with master’s degrees in the fine arts may have a number of potential professional paths open to them. Some may choose to pursue careers focused on practicing their art while others might opt to search for opportunities in education, administration, and other areas. Some may even leverage their fine arts training as a source of a secondary income.  The list below highlights some potential career paths that might be pursued by an individual with a master’s degree in fine arts.

Media and Commerce Careers

Artists might identify potential career opportunities at a wide range of media companies. These organizations might include publishing houses where a graduate of a fine arts program might work as an illustrator or a creative writer.   Retailers might also seek to employ fine arts majors; they might work as graphic designers or even merchandisers for these companies. Film production studios may employ artists as animators or screenwriters. Individuals pursuing careers at these types of organizations might choose to work as freelancers, or they may choose to work as an in house specialist for a single organization.

Performance Careers

Actors, dancers, and musicians may dream of pursuing a career on the stage.  Those that achieve this dream may pursue potential employment opportunities in theater, dance, orchestral, and opera companies based in specific locations as well as those that tour the country. These companies might also offer career options for designers of all kinds including; lighting, scenic, costume, and sound. Performance artists might pursue employment wtih an organization or on a contractual basis.

Museums Careers

Museums and galleries may employ curators to select, arrange, and exchange works of art to create exhibits. These are usually people with training in art history or some complementary type of education. They might also have potential employment opportunities for people to create and manage art education and information programs for school children and the general public. These jobs might be suitable for those with degrees in art education or art history.

Education Careers

Schools of all kinds may have art educators on their staff. This includes K-12 public schools, private schools, colleges, and universities. Educators may work full-time or part-time, depending on the needs of the school and the artist. Community centers with arts programs might also need teachers. These positions might part-time, though someone with additional skills and ability may find full-time career opportunities coordinating arts programs as such a venue.

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