Masters in Finance Degree Curriculum

Graduate study in the field of finance can involve a few different focuses. Degrees in finance can be earned at a Masters or a doctoral level. Some programs are MBA related and tend to be broader in application while other Masters degrees tend to focus specifically on finance, and on preparing the student to pass certain exams such as the CFA® exams, which are administered by the CFA Institute. Doctoral degrees often focus on research and teaching.

Masters in Finance Curriculum 

Some masters of finance programs might require students to complete a thesis or participate in a finacial reserach project as part of their requirements.  Be sure to check with the schools you are interested in to confirm curriculum requirements. In addition to any research/theis work students in a finance graduate program are likely to be required to complete coursework that spans topics in both general business theory and specific financial theory.  Coursework might require students to work on both group and individual projects, some experiental learning or study abroad options might also be included as part of the program.  

Masters in Finance Coursework

Most people pursuing graduate degrees in finance already have an undergraduate degree in a related field or have an equivalent background from work experience. Those wishing to switch careers may need to take some introductory classes before pursuing an advanced degree.

Graduate programs in finance combine a challenging range of subjects, which are designed to help students understand financial forces in today's modern business climate and contribute meaningfully to companies in helping them make wise financial choices, some coursework topics  a student might encounter in a masters in finance program include:

  • Managerial accounting
  • Economics
  • Financial Performance of the Firm
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Institutions and Markets
  • Investments
  • Statistics
  • International Finance
  • Derivative Securities
  • Mergers and Aquisitions
  • Risk Management
  • Entrepreneurial Fianance
  • Game Theory
  • Corporate Taxation

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