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If you have always dreamed of pursuing a career as a fashion designer you might want to consider earning an online master's degree from a fashion design school.  Students pursuing an online master's degree in fashion design work to develop skills that might help them create fashion lines and navigate the business element of the fashion industry.

About Online Fashion Design Master's Degree Programs

fashion design masters degree programsIn case you were wondering, there’s much more to a fashion design curriculum than drawing clothing, sewing a few stitches into fabric and heading off to Paris or Milan on the wings of a burgeoning and glamorous career as the next Armani or Versace. In fact, the many fashion design students don’t even enter that part of the field. And while that may detract from the surface glamour of it, it also adds to the depth of enjoyment many professionals experience, as there are seemingly limitless avenues for the fashion design student to pursue upon graduation, and they’re all more fabulous than the frilliest of Ms. Carrie Bradshaw’s purses.

Online Fashion Design Master's Degree Curriculum

Much like in painting or composing, in fashion design curricula, there typically must be

a solid foundation of classical understanding in order to go off in one’s own direction. To that end, students in fashion design courses study everything from illustration to construction of the clothing, as well as the history of fashion, the underlying philosophies of its development, fashion merchandising and other aspects of the business side of things.

Many students enrolled in fashion design curricula combine their design studies with classes on business so that they may market their creations more effectively. There are several different areas within fashion design in which students can focus, and business training enhances many of them. Some fashion design concentrations include:

  • Costume Design
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Fashion Manufacturing
  • Fashion Education

There are, in fact, innumerable areas in this field that students may pursue, and they vary from design to marketing to manufacturing management. Students are only limited by their specific areas of competence and interest, and by the direction in which they would ultimately like to travel. Some students in fashion design curricula open their own fashion houses, serve as buyers for large companies and stores, or manage fashion design companies.

One of the challenges of and online fashion design master's degree program is that students must create cutting-edge, in-demand clothing and accessories, while making a profit at the same time. Being able to stay current with trends is extremely important, and students of fashion design curricula will engage in extensive research into fashion’s past, present and future.

Students can take fashion design courses that focus on the design of clothing, accessories and shoes, as well as on fashion designs for specific ages and genders. Fashion design courses help students establish strong senses of color, texture and detail. Students engage in courswork aimed to help them become proficient sewers, patternmakers and tailors, as well as learn how to convey their creative ideas effectively in writing, visually, and verbally. Fashion design courses are likely to cover sales topics such as strategy, inventory control, profitability and cost analysis.

Other fashion design courses can include dyeing and finishing, weaving, knitting, drawing and design foundations. Students will learn to confidently utilize computer-aided design (CAD) in order to visualize their creations on virtual models, as well as to experiment with different cuts and colors without having to pick up scissors or dye packets.

About far more than knowledge of fabrics, textiles and fibers, fashion design careers attract all types of people, but all of these careers have commonalities. They all require creative, detail-oriented people who are passionate about the innovations made in the world of fashion.

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