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Teaching English to Adults- Interview with Raul SanchezBecoming Yourself in a New Language

Helping adult students discover their own voices through a new language and culture is what excites Raul Sanchez, a language lecturer at New York University’s American Language Institute. It’s also something that humbles and challenges him, as Sanchez thinks up creative teaching strategies—by way of journalism, poetry, music and literature. Through his work, he helps adult learners not just overcome the challenges of learning the English language but to expand their minds and critical thinking skills as they adapt to a new way of speaking and a new way of life.....Read more.

ESL TESOL Master's Degrees Teaching AbroadAndrew's Adventures Teaching English Abroad

When Andrew Girardin thought about what he wanted out of life, exploration was at the top of his list. After graduating from the University of Manchester UK with a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Modern History, he embarked on a journey that started with teaching English in China and has taken him through thirteen years of teaching abroad in countries like Poland, Germany, Greece, Taiwan, Czech Republic, and Switzerland....Read more.

Teaching English In Spain : Chris Kelly's StoryTeaching English in Spain: Chris Kelly's Remarkable Journey

For former teacher abroad, Christopher Kelly thought that the best technique for learning more about himself was to teach others. Teaching English abroad was a way for him to achieve a sense of self while gaining perspective on an unfamiliar place and previously unknown culture. Since earning his Bachelor’s degree from Santa Clara University, Kelly has taught English to students of all ages and has delved into marketing for a demographic of college-aged students who put self-exploration on the same level as paper writing and exam cramming...Read more.

ESL TESOL Master's Degrees Teaching AbroadTeaching English Abroad in Japan: What Comes After?

Did you ever wonder how business people overcome language barriers when working in other countries? Joshua Jones, entrepreneur and Managing Partner at StrategyWise, spent time working abroad on his own and understood the challenges of learning a new language. As a result, he decided to help other business people improve their English by opening Zoe Café English School in Japan. Jones harnessed his love of teaching, his business experience, and his understanding of international business etiquette to serve students, three multinational corporations, and the Japanese government in the very first year of running Zoe Café English School...Read more.

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